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Nefab RePak is a rugged and easy-to-handle returnable packaging system. Constructed of plywood and steel components, Nefab RePak containers are designed to withstand the rigors of multi-use, and are available in a variety of standard and custom sizes.

The product is collapsible to optimize space in return shipments and storage. General rule of thumb is that the Nefab RePak has a collapsibility ratio of 1/5 that of a standard nailed wood crate.

A returnable packaging system can realize significant cost savings compared to a one-way solution. Nefab RePak options are highly cost-effective if your material flow is reasonably large and you have few distribution points.

Benefits of returnable plywood containers: 

  • Easy to assemble
  • Delivered collapsed so units are easy to stack and store
  • Provides excellent product protection
  • Low weight vs. standard nailed wood products
  • Long lifespan, very strong
  • Ideal for returnable packaging pools
  • Can be returned as one unit
  • Custom dimensions and features available (handles, gates, surface treatment etc.)
  • Meet international phytosanitary regulations for export-compliant wood packaging

Nefab's staff uses a software system called RECO , which can formulate optimal packaging solutions for freight savings, the number of containers needed in their respective flows, and overall cost savings for moving to a returnable packaging solution vs. using one-ways for domestic or local distribution.

Types of returnable containers:

Nefab RePak P

Durable and flexible pallet collar system with four or six galvanized steel hinges. Available in standard and custom sizes with various options.

Nefab RePak T

Returnable steel and sheet material. Packaging solution consisting of three parts: lid, frame and a fixed base attached to a pallet. It is highly recommended for heavy or bulky goods and its major advantage is its ability to collapse within itself.

Nefab RePak L

Similar to RePak T, RePak L is a returnable steel and sheet material packaging solution with six hinges. However, RePak L has the option to be returned stacked without any pallet attached to it to reduce the collapsibility ratio even further. Under regular operating conditions, a single Nefab RePak L can replace more than fifty expendable packaging products.