In the 1940s, Nefab was founded in Runemo, a remote and densely forested area in the north of Sweden. Taking care of the resources around us has always been a natural part of our way of life. Sustainability is an important and integrated part of Nefab's customer offering.

Sustainability also plays a key role in Nefab's competitiveness, paving the way for doing business with customers all around the world, who identify with the same values as we do.

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Sustainability is an integrated and invaluable part of our approach, and it always has been, since our humble beginnings of making baker's trays in rural Sweden.

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Beyond our work in the industry, Nefab strives to make a difference by giving back, both on a global scale and within the dozens of local communities we operate in.

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Our Code of Conduct is the framework that explains the behavior Nefab expects and requires of every employee and stakeholder around the world.

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The UN Global Compact works with businesses to transform our world, with the aim to create a sustainable, inclusive global economy that delivers lasting benefits to all.

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We take pride in working with our customers to create a more sustainable society. See how we help them, and how we can help you realize your potential for greener packaging solutions.

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Providing you with a complete, transparent analysis of the environmental impact of your packaging and logistic flows is made simple with the help of GreenCALC.

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Insights to sustainability

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Sustainable Supply Chains

Taking care of the world’s resources responsibly should be part of every company’s culture...

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Reduce your environmental footprint

Reducing the impact your business leaves on the environment is simple in...

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Reducing Your Carbon Footprint with GreenCALC

Are you trying to reduce your carbon footprint and overall impact on the environment...