Reaching your green packaging goals

Sustainability has been ingrained in our way of thinking since day one.

Our history dates all the way back to the pre-1950s, as we began to make our mark by developing returnable concepts for a variety of businesses. Nefab’s very first products avoided the long-term environmental effects we often observe today in packaging products which negatively impact our planet. Our heritage laid the foundation for forward thinking, cementing our position as leaders in sustainable packaging today.

Fast forward to 2017 and Nefab is now located in over 30 countries. We produce packaging and design complete solutions which impact thousands of supply chains on a global basis. Together with our partners we strive to design, develop and utilize products that minimizes the impact on our environment.  Together with Juniper we have managed to decrease their material usage and environmental footprint through their supply chain by challenging ourselves.   

"We are driving to become the leader at innovative packaging design to minimize the impact of our products on the environment"

Rob Auslander Vice President of Worldwide Logistics, Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks

Green Packaging Strategy

Juniper Networks is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Sunnyvale, California that develops and markets networking products. These include routers, switches, network management software, network security products and software-defined networking technology.

Juniper Networks has operations in over 100 countries world-wide, and with operations of that size comes a very complex supply chain. Together with Nefab, Juniper Networks has been able to improve their packaging solutions in significant ways. By redesigning and changing the type of packaging material in use, they have been able to reduce both their carbon footprint and total cost of logistics.

To learn more about how Nefab has optimized Juniper's packaging solutions, please watch the video on the right.

Added Value for Juniper

Since the project started, Juniper Networks have diminished their carbon footprint significantly while subtracting several million dollars in cost out of their global supply chain. With global collaboration, lean process management, teamwork and continuous improvement between us and Juniper Networks, they are better positioned to deliver their customers with quality products at a consistently high standard.

In this project, we have been able to add value by:

  • Providing total cost savings throughout Juniper's supply chain
  • Limiting material usage through packaging optimizaiton
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of Juniper's solutions

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Nefab

At Nefab, we work hard to ensure that we can provide you with engineered packaging solutions that are sustainable for both your business and for the world around us. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you lower your environmental impact, please contact Nefab today.