Packaging design

Packaging design influe not only product protection and packaging material cost but also has substantial effect on transport costs, warehouse space and packing time.  

A complete packaging solution designed, produced and delivered by Nefab.

We know that an optimized packaging solution saves money through the whole supply chain.With over sixty years of experience in optimizing packaging, Nefab has a unique position in the industry.


How Nefab can help

 As a leading packaging engineering company, we develop solutions that optimize total cost of logistics with minimum environmental impact.

Customer value

 A wide network of over a hundred packaging engineers working worldwide in different fields of specialization and packaging materials. 

Our design services

Multi-material Engineering

We design complete packaging solutions in wide range of materials according to customer requirements.

Load Optimization

We help customers to optimize their load utilization by designing packaging solution that fits  their mode of transportation.


Conceptual designs

We provide our customers with conceptual designs which can be presented by:

  • Presentation & assembly drawings
  • Screen sharing - real time design modifications with customer
  • Presentation at customer site

Cost Take Out

By adressing our customers packaging and logistics setup we can offer significant cost take out potential.

FEA Analysis

Nefab Engineers use FEA (Finite Element Analysis), a Computer Aided Engineering tool, to virtually examine the stresses and strains within designs and to design the appropriate solution.