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It's about securing delivery

In the energy industry, product protection and delivery performance are crucial. Valuable, sensitive and often bulky technology must be transported to sometimes remote places. Interruptions and delays are not an option. In a business where special circumstances are standard, we help our customers to find new ways to reduce their total cost of logistics, their environmental impact and to improve their product image.

Customer Case

Global engineering, regional manufacturing and local service support 

The customer, a well-established player in the energy market, decided to relocate manufacturing of semi-finished products in Europe to low-cost countries in Asia. Nefab was contacted in order to quickly design the new inbound packaging solutions.

Nefab's and the customer's global engineering teams worked around the clock to deliver concepts and prototypes according to strict predefined requirements. They needed to design the best solution from a logistics and cost optimization stand point.

"Nefab's production facilities worldwide provided the regional support needed to deliver the products. Our engineers conducted both a cost and test analysis to verify each solution for the customer. The new designs based on one-way and returnable packaging performed ideally."

    1. Rui Garrido
    2. Executive Vice President, Industry

Time Pressure

Time was short which meant that there was no room for failure or second tries. The sweet spot between packaging cost and quality was a big challenge since there were clear and unqestionable demands regarding the handling of components in the final assembly plants. The parts needed to be in the exact position for minimizing handling time and storage space in the production line. Adding more complexity to the project, the engineers had to consider regional availability of raw materials for packaging manufacturing.


Nefab supported the project's deployment stage by setting fully dedicated packing operations nearby or on site at our customer's factories. This was key to success. Having a partner that designed globally and manufactured regionally was of great importance.

Focus Areas

Industry Focus
Industry Focus

Power generation, transmission and distribution

Nefab's customers operate in two main areas: power generation and distribution equipment. The first area includes power generation from generators, equipment for power plants or renewable energy parks, and power transmission. The other area means bringing electricity to industries, state-own infrastructure and domestic households.

Packaging solutions extend from single packaging for large and heavy products to effective solutions in large series. Often it is a matter of complete cost-reducing solutions with outer and inner packaging for sensitive goods. Nefab is one of the few packaging suppliers that can offer this versatility worldwide.

Added Value
Added Value

Your customer value

Many of our customers in the energy segment are global companies that value coordination of cost-reduction programs worldwide. 

  • Cost reduction
  • A more efficient packaging flow
  • Life-cycle and environmental analysis to reduce carbon footprints
  • A dedicated energy team serving clients locally
  • Reliable deliveries and reduced complaints
  • Attendance at the strategic level, right next to the customer's headquarters and development center

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