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Lithium Batteries

Lithium Batteries

50 Years of Supporting Telecom, Data Storage and Infrastructure Packaging

Nefab has developed into the segment's top packaging supplier of valuable and sensitive equipment and devices. Whether you are shipping sensitive electronics, radio remote units, antenna systems, data storage systems or anything in between, Nefab has the experience to provide the right solution for your product.

The rise of smartphones and tablets has put focus on the need for high speed data transfer in the mobile networks, and operators worldwide are investing in added network capacity in the form of more advanced antennas, cables, radio units and IT infrastructure. The purpose is to support subscribers with the same fast access to internet-based newspapers, games and social media over mobile devices as being connected to a fixed network. The need for professional packaging solutions increases at the same pace as the network equipment itself becomes more advanced and its capacity grows, but also becomes more sensitive to corrosion, shock, electrostatic discharge, vibration, etc. Added to this is the fact that most products are faced with international transport environments. Nefab's team of experienced and dedicated packaging engineers develop complete packaging solutions for all types of electronic equipment and specialize in flow analysis in order to identify your main cost drivers and how to reduce costs in your supply chain.

Customer Case

Strategic Packaging Supply Chain Assessment reduces total cost of logistics while positively improving environmental impact:

"Combining our proven Nefab engineering-design history with our global logistics footprint is yielding game changing cost reduction results for hundreds of companies around the world", says Anders Mork EVP Nefab Telecom-Datacom Division"

Recently, Nefab embarked on a cost take out program with a Fortune 100 company which featured our Supply Chain Assessment.  The results were staggering.  A contract manufacturer was shipping Electronic Control Panels while traditionally using corrugated packaging, wooden pallets and stretch film.  The mode of transportation was AIR from Shanghai to Europe and North America.

“At first glance, this method of packing and shipping is the norm in our industry, but after a deep dive assessment, we were able to uncover a variety of ways to optimize the packaging footprint, reduce freight costs, reduce packaging waste and streamline logistics and handling efficiencies.” 

 The project group, spearheaded by Nefab carefully reviewed the entire global flow including all relevant touch points.  The results were 6 figure quarterly savings, major waste reduction (eliminating plastic dunnage and stretch film), savings on weight reduction by using the Nefab L.W. Pallet, and increasing shipment loads from 60 units to 90 units based on clever-intelligent redesign which improved stacking.

"Great Teamwork supported by reoccurring Communication, Global Coordination, and putting our Customers needs first were the key to this successful project", concludes Anders Mork. ;

    1. Anders Mörk
    2. Executive Vice President, Business Unit Telecom

Focus areas

Focus Areas
Focus Areas

Global Coordination and Cost Efficient Manufacturing

OEM's within the Telecom and Infrastructure industry face a challenge in cost efficient packaging development since very little production is left near their HQs and R&D centers in US/Canada and Western Europe, and since there is very little supply to be done in that proximity, it is difficult to find a packaging design partner.

Nefab is one of the few packaging companies who can offer packaging design, prototyping and test support in US/Canada and Western Europe, and also offer factory direct prices in low cost areas like Guadalajara, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Penang and Eastern Europe, where most manufacturing take place today.

Added Value
Added Value

Your Customer Value

Nefab's global platform enables global coordination with local service, tailored for the telecom and infrastructure industry.

  • Packaging Design, Prototyping and Lab Tests in Europe, North America and Asia
  • Proven track record of Global Project Coordination over the last 20+ years
  • Global service and supply
  • Optimized product protection
  • Warehouse programs like JIT/VMI and leasing to reduce tied up capital

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