Engineered packaging solutions are tailored to fit your product and optimized for your supply chain. Our customers trust Nefab as a partner for all their packaging needs – from packaging design to supply and related services. There is no need for in-house design capability and purchasing is more effectively managed by Nefab's global supply and service platform. We also provide the logistics resources to offer warehouse management, packing and warehousing services, which reduce tied-up capital and space.


Operating in a global environment offering a complete packaging solution requires a systematic design approach. This is essential in a global environment that includes regional and material challenges. Nefab Engineers supports requests from all over the world and deals with a wide range of materials.

Whether you are looking to optimize truck load, searching for a returnable, or simply looking to reduce cost for your one way-packaging, Nefab is here to help you. Design, prototyping and testing in our lab goes hand-in-hand with our engineering concept and our complete customer solutions.

Nefab has global network of over 200 engineers world wide. 


Our 3D engineered solutions allow us to easily produce samples on our sample table or next door workshop. We offer multi-material prototyping such as wood, plywood, corrugated, foam or a combination. The Engineering Center environment stimulates the interaction between engineers and customers resulting in a smarter solution that meets customer requirements. Our Engineering Center is known for its availability and responsiveness. We strive to accomplish long-term, sustainable partnerships with customers. 


Testing packaging is an art form. Every product and industry has specific needs and requirements for their product protection and testing requirements. Nefab engineering possesses the knowledge and ability to meet these needs and exceeds customer’s expectations. The understanding of the test standards is critical to serve our diverse customers. Nefab Engineering Centers offers a unique combination of packaging and transportation test knowledge, providing a professional ability to interpret test results and suggest improvements.

Nefab has 5 Engineering centers that are ISTA-Certified. The Engineering Centers are located in Sweden, Netherlands, China and India and United States.


Nefab has operations in +30 countries. This enables us to help localize your newly designed and tested multi-material packaging solutions in most regions in the world. Moreover, we provide localization support to you or your contract manufacturer, original design manufacturer or sub-suppliers by our local teams in the local language and in the right time zone. Our Global EDM system an online database tool securing global document control and revision history making sure all local teams have access to the latest revisions by pulling files off the global database instead of sending by email.


The variety of activities and the specific layout of the Engineering Center give us the possibility to service your packaging. We kit and prepare sophisticated packaging solutions that are shipped in a “ready to use” condition to our customers. We also provide an on-site packing to assist you in your special needs like packing heavy, large or valuable equipment.

We are capable to support our customers in the management of their packaging and we can independently service your packaging pool. This includes reverse logistics and sorting and repairing your packaging for re-use. We can also provide tracking and tracing solutions. 

Additional information 

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For more information about our product and service offering please visit the following pages:

Expendable Packaging

Returnable Packaging

Worldwide Locations


Package Testing

With test labs in America, Asia and Europe, we can both design and validate packaging solutions in fast and secure way. We have in-house capabilities to perform Vibration, Compression, Drop, Accelerometer, Climate, Incline test among others. No matter the product or test we can help you to validate your current or new packaging solutions.


Packaging Design

With over 70-years of packaging design experience we can design the right packaging solution in several types of packaging materials. Are solutions are constructed by the material that best fits the product and the supply chain. With our tools and software, we can optimize your packaging solution.



Our enigneered packaging solutions are constructed of the packaging materials that best fits the need of your products and the tranportations modes it will go through. Common packaging materias include; Wood, Plywood, Corrugated, Foam, Plastic and Steel.  

Finite Element Analysis

When a packaging is to large or to heavy to test in a normal test environment Nefab can offer Finite Element Analysis (FEA). FEA is a computer aided engineering tool that allows Nefab Engineers to virtually examine the stresses and strains within designs.