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How to Pack Heavy and Large Products

Choosing the right packing solution for shipping your products is a challenge on its own, but when you need to transport heavy, large, or bulky items, selecting the appropriate packing option can become even more trying. If you want your items to reach their final destination without damage, all while keeping your staff and handlers safe, it is crucial that you take time to investigate the right packing solution for your large items.

Common Problems with Shipping Large Products

While it is important to take proper packaging precautions when shipping any item, larger products require special precautions. There are a variety of issues that can make it difficult to ship large products that should be addressed when choosing your packaging:
Weight. Heavy items provide a challenge for packaging and shipping. If you do not choose a durable solution, your packaging could fail under the weight of the item. This could put your products at risk of damage throughout the shipping process.
Size. Bulky items can be difficult to package for shipment, especially if they are irregularly shaped. The right packaging is important for safe shipment, especially if you are sending out a large item that has irregular edges that could easily be damaged during transport.
Handling Considerations. Throughout every stage of the shipping process, your packages will need to be moved by both equipment and human handlers. Whether your package is being loaded onto a truck via a forklift or is being hoisted by a team of people, it is important that your packaging solution is both durable and safe.
Type of Transport. Shipping large items requires numerous types of transport. You may opt for trucking your items to their destination, or you may need to use water to transport your items to the other side of the world. The type of transport you use is going to be a significant factor in the type of material you use to protect your items, as those items are exposed to forces on numerous planes that could damage your product.
Testing Shipping Materials. Testing different shipping materials is necessary to ensure the materials can protect the items being shipped, but large shipping materials cannot be tested in standard labs. Untested materials could leave your products at risk, and is simply unacceptable in terms of ensuring the safety of those transporting and moving heavy items.


Exterior Packing for Large and Heavy Products

When you have large and heavy products to protect during shipping, one of the first issues you need to address is how to keep them protected during transport. There are a variety of great exterior packing solutions that are specially designed with large and bulky items in mind.

Pallets and Skids
Pallets and skids are both durable solutions for shipping and packaging heavy products. Whether you need a skid to safely move your large items during for transport or a pallet to keep your items upright when moving, they are both great solutions for bulky items. There are several options from which you can choose for heavy items, all of which have unique benefits, some of which include:
Plastic pallets. Pallets made of plastic allow for safe and stable packaging for different types of transport applications. In addition to providing a high-loading capacity, they are also easy to clean and resistant against corrosion and humidity.
Wooden pallets. These pallets are durable and strong, and they can meet international regulations. Expendable wooden pallets are often used for heavy products in a one-way flow.
Wooden skids. Wooden skids are created individually to protect large products from shifting during transport. They are also able to withstand some of the heaviest loads able to be transported, in that they can protect items up to several hundred tons.

Plastic Packaging Systems
Plastic packing containers are used for medium or heavy weight goods, and they are especially popular within the automotive industry. When packing large and heavy items into a plastic container, they are easier to handle and access. Plastic packaging systems are quite sturdy in relation to weight, and they also offer a variety of other benefits:
User-friendly and easy to work with
Simple to clean
Provides a smooth surface, which prevents soiling
Lightweight and customizable

Steel Racks and Containers
Steel products are well-known for their long lifetime and strength, all of which help to protect items against rough handling and impacts. Foldable steel containers are especially useful when transporting heavy items, as they can be customized to fulfill your needs. Steel racks are also durable against vibration and other transportation hazards, and since they are collapsible in order to minimize freight costs, they can be used for both inbound and outbound flows.

Wooden Crates and Frames
Wooden frames and crates provide a sturdy structure for your heavy items. Wood is one of the most durable materials when it comes to transporting your items, and wooden frames can be custom-built in order to protect items of any dimensions. Certain wooden crates are also collapsible, which can provide you with all the structure and durability that you need while minimizing the storage space requirement in your warehouse.

Interior Packing for Large and Heavy Products

A proper packaging system will not just involve sturdy exterior solutions – you also need to address how to keep your items safe on the interior. Fortunately, there are a variety of interior packing options available that can help to safely pack heavy and large products:

Blocking materials. These materials will immobilize large and heavy products during shipping by filling in empty spaces. Depending on the size and weight of your item, blocking and filling options like corrugated foam, air pads, and bubble wrap might be useful.
Corrosion protection. When shipping metal items, you need interior corrosion protection, including barriers, corrosion inhibitors, and desiccants. When your packaging will be placed under climatic stress, custom solutions can be created with consideration for climate zones, storage type, and transportation modes.
Foam cushioning. Cushioning will protect against vibration and shock. From fabricated foam to foam-in-place and molded form options, there are interior solutions that can keep large items safe during shipping.
Inner fittings. Inner fittings are used as shelves or separators, and they can be made out of a variety of materials, including steel, foam, plastic, rubber, or corrugated cardboard.

Nefab Can Help to Create Your Packaging Solution

When you need to pack and ship large items, it is important to explore all of your options to ensure that you are making the right packaging choice. Bulky items come with a variety of special considerations that need to be evaluated before packing. At Nefab, we can help you to create the packaging solution that will work best for your business, regardless of the size and weight of your items. Our goal is to offer cost-effective packaging solutions that will get your items to their final destination in pristine condition.

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