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New Premises in Brazil

Nefab's operations in Brazil started 18 years ago in Embu das Artes, a suburb of São Paulo.

When we started our operations in Embu das Artes it was a perfect location from both an infrastructure and an operations perspective. Over time our business operations have changed the scope to include more products, also the surrounding infrastructure has changed as a result of the rapid growth of the São Paulo region. During the last years the need to find a new location has grown, this in order to provide a better service for our customers and a facility that better matches our current needs in Brazil. At the end of 2015 we made the move to the new facility which is located North East of São Paulo in the city of Caçapava.

"Our new facility in Caçapava has modern and up to date infra structure and is located close to major highways, this enables us to increase our service offer to our customers in Brazil", says Eric Wickman, Managing Director of Nefab Brazil.
For more information about our new location in Brazil please contact us at info@nefab.com


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