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No-Nails Packing and Shipping Solutions

If you need to package and ship items in sturdy containers, in the past, you may have relied on a hammer and nails in order to construct these solutions. However, there is another option available that could save you time, money, and a headache – no-nail packaging. By identifying some of the nail-free options out there, you can choose the packaging solution that is right for your business, and you’ll enjoy a variety of great benefits in return.

Nail-Less Plywood Boxes

When it comes to creating a durable, nail-less packing and shipping solution, plywood boxes are the best medium. Plywood boxes are easy to a

ssemble, and when they do not use nails, they can be folded down so that they occupy minimal storage space. These solutions are great for long-term transportation and storage, as well as export shipments.
Nail-less plywood crates and boxes are combined with steel profiles that will perform similar to strong hinges. Ranging from small boxes to larger solutions with as many as six separate, foldable pieces, these packages can be tailor-made for a range of applications and functions. They can also be certified for the transport of hazardous goods. 

Locking Devices for Plywood Boxes
You may be wondering, without nails, how can you lock one of these plywood boxes? While standard tongues are typically used, depending on the type of goods that you want to ship, as well as your packing and transport process, your packaging solution can be customized with a different locking mechanism, including: Spring latches, Spring clips, Clamps, Detachable tongues. Visit our page on Plywood Boxes for more information

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are a staple in the world of transport packaging. This is one of the few materials that can be cut and folded into different sizes and shapes, making it a great, no-nail solution to a variety of shipping and packaging needs. As one of the most dynamic packaging solutions, there are many benefits to choosing corrugated boxes for shipping your products:
  • Versatile and useful in a variety of industries
  • Extremely lightweight despite being durable
  • Affordable and cost-effective

If you choose to use corrugated cardboard for your products, you’ll have several different options from which you add to your total packaging solution:

  • Double and triple wall corrugated boxes. Depending on the durability needs of your package, double or triple wall boards will provide additional layers to keep your package protected.
  • Slotted boxes. Made of double folded sheets of corrugated cardboard, these boxes are folded together when needed, helping you to save space in your warehouse or storage facility.
  • Die cut boxes. If you need highly customized boxes of special sizes, die-cut boxes are a good solution. Through the die cut process, you can be sure that you’ll receive packaging solutions that are accurate in both consistency and size.

Wooden Crates

Wood is one of the most durable materials available when it comes to packing items for shipment, but what many people do not realize is that there are wooden crate options that do not require the use of nails. Options like the Crate Pak-O can give you all the strength of a wooden crate without the nails, as it uses plastic corners that make the solution both strong and easy to handle. This product will be shipped flat for easy storage, and you will not need any nails to assemble the box for use.

There are a variety of benefits to using plastic corners rather than nails when constructing wooden shipping crates. These boxes can be opened and closed many times without ever impacting performance, making these shipping solutions cost and time effective, especially when compared to traditional crates. Other benefits include:

  • Creates a quiet work environment, as you will not need to hammer nails to construct the crates
  • Safer than nail and wood options
  • Less worry about snagging loose nails on fabric and other materials


Pallets are a staple in packing and shipping. When using pallets, products can be moved faster than manual handling of individual cartons, and with this reduced manual handling you can expect less worker injury and product damage. Pallets also allow for easier warehouse storage, especially when nail-free solutions are used.
There are many different pallets out there that can give you all of these great benefits without the use of nails, such as:

  • Lightweight plywood pallets. These pallets are excellent load carriers for light or medium weight goods, and they offer low moisture absorption.
  • Presswood pallets. These pallets are molded from the dried fibers of wood in order to create a solid piece, so no nails are needed. They are low weight, but quite durable, and they are completely recyclable. Unlike other wood products, they are free of plant pests.
  • Corrugated pallets. These pallets also offer a nail-free packing and shipping solution, and they are often a good alternative for export packaging. They are low weight, recyclable, and are easy to customize for your unique products.

Nefab Offers Nail-Free Packaging Solutions for Any Product

There are a variety of benefits to choosing nail-free solutions for packing and shipping your products. These options will reduce your costs and willalso minimize the required storage space needed to house these items. Without nails, most boxes and crates can collapse so that they minimize the amount of space they take up in your warehouse. Without the hammering of nails into wooden crates and boxes, your employees will also enjoy a quieter work environment and reduced risk of injury.

At Nefab, we understand the appeal of nail-free packing. Not only do we offer a variety of great nail-free solutions, but we also have the expertise to help you evaluate your shipping needs to determine if nail-free is the right route for your business. Our goal is to help you customize your shipping and packaging solutions so that they best work for your business, including the use of nail-free options. We always work with your budget and can help you to create an affordable and reliable packaging solution that will allow your items reach their final destination safely. 

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