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Packaging Design: A key to cost control in any business

No matter what business or industry niche you are in, product packaging is a critical element in controlling costs and maximizing profits. Unfortunately, many companies fail to understand the vital role that packaging design plays. As a result, packaging costs undercut revenues in ways that companies may not even see or recognize. When companies overlook product packaging, it triggers a powerful multiplier effect that causes logistical costs to rise every step of the way – from manufacturing and administration to transportation, warehousing, and product handling. Critical packaging design factors include such things as weight and dimensions, impact resistance, handling procedures. That is why it is so crucial for businesses to optimize their packaging designs to fit their particular needs and requirements, in order to minimize the total cost of logistics and maximize their profit potential.

Packaging Design Goes Beyond Product Protection

Packing cost savings are often misunderstood, because packaging products are mistakenly viewed as only a minor factor in the overall logistics of a company's supply chain. The isolated act of putting products into a package may, indeed, be only one small step in a much larger and more comprehensive multi-stage process. But packaging design has a significant impact on the entire supply chain, and could be contributing to expensive logistics.

Designers at quality packaging companies know that the packaging design does, in fact, influence many other critical aspects of your operation and the overall efficiency, productivity, and financial cost of logistics. The reality is that the influence of your product packaging is multifaceted. That means that packaging cost factors affect you in virtually every step of your supply chain, from the beginning of the production cycle to the handling, distribution, and transportation phases and to the final delivery of products to end-users. Packaging design can help you not only control the total cost of logistics, but also reduce unnecessary expenses related to everything from management, hourly labor, and transportation to lost sales, damaged inventory, and a diminished value for the brand and image of your company.

"Packaging design can help you not only control the total cost of logistics, but also reduce unnecessary expenses"

Optimized Packing Solutions through Packaging Design

Superior packaging design will accomplish much more than meets the eye. Not only should packaging designs be functional, but they should also represent intelligently, proactively, and strategically-designed packaging solutions that are specially tailored to the unique needs of the customer.

  • Each product has its own characteristics, and the best packaging design will take those into consideration, with a customized packaging solution that is tailored to the specific product.
  • With customized packaging solutions the customer can fit more products into each shipment, container, and truck – and thereby save money on transportation.
  • An optimized solution should enable safe, easy, and fast packing and loading procedures. With an improved working environment and reduced handling time, customers can focus on their core processes rather than on packing and packaging.
  • You also have to ensure that your packaging can withstand the stresses of transportation without breakage or leakage – which can cost you time and money as well as redundant processes to replace the lost or damaged goods.
  • The more space you save, the more money you save on overhead – and the faster and easier employees can store, inventory, and gain access to those packaged products.

Safety, Security, and Enhanced Productivity through smart packaging

"with an optimized solution you can reduce your carbon footprint."

Packaging companies that utilize new technologies also have the capability to provide built-in inventory management solutions that can improve your delivery times, ensure accountability, and track your products from your facility to the final destination. With the right locking devices, you can prevent theft and be assured that your products are safe during their journey.
Environmental impact is also an important aspect and by using the right packaging material combined with an optimized solution you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Packaging That Ensures Success and Profitability

Every company is constantly looking for ways to reduce costs and eliminate waste, without compromising product quality or sacrificing one's brand and reputation. The key is to identify and proactively target specific areas of your operation that offer the opportunities for overall improvement. The area that most businesses overlook – which often represents the easiest and most effective ways to reduce time, labor, and expenses – is packaging design. How you design your product packaging is one of the most fundamental aspects of your entire logistical process, and when it is done with strategic focus and insight the positive rewards will be felt across the board, in ways that boost the bottom line.

The right product packaging, designed and created by the best packaging company, will reduce logistical costs and administrative overhead to save you time and money – while supporting your brand and reputation. That makes packaging one of the most vital components of your business – and one that deserves a superior provider of packaging design services. For that reason, Nefab supports clients through every phase of their supply chain to ensure a fully integrated packaging solution that addresses their specific goals and needs. At Nefab we pride ourselves on engineered complete packaging solutions that reduce total cost and environmental impact. Our teams do not simply make packaging that contains your products. We go above and beyond, to help you also reduce your total cost of logistics.

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