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Safety is of utmost importance in the aerospace industry. Unlike many other industries, in the aerospace industry, there is no room for error. Mistakes can end up costing millions of dollars—and hundreds of lives. As such, any business in the aerospace industry must approach cost saving measures with one eye on safety. Fortunately, Nefab has the solution: lower costs are possible without compromising safety.

Nefab Perfects Packaging and Supply Chain Issues

Due to the unpredictable nature of the needs of aerospace companies, it can be challenging optimizing a supply chain. Given that aircraft are routinely serviced—and these maintenance exercises can place unexpected demands on a company’s supply chain—it is vital to have a system in place that will be both reliable and cost-effective.
One way Nefab is able to deliver value without compromising safety is by employing a team of engineers who analyze your company’s packaging and shipping needs. By crafting the packaging and shipping processes to fit each company’s needs, Nefab is able to reduce waste while preserving safety.
For example, the packaging used to transport parts for a jumbo jet would differ from the packaging used to transport parts for a small propeller-driven aircraft; by designing a packaging and transport solution to fit each company’s exact needs, Nefab is able to optimize the resource utilization of each company’s supply chain and eliminate unnecessary expenditures.

Nefab Has The Perfect Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Solution

If your aerospace company is unable to procure the parts it needs to repair and service its aircraft, the entire aircraft may be grounded. This can lead to significant reductions in revenue, all for the sake of an unavailable replacement part.

Nefab’s packaging solutions are designed to ensure that the parts your company needs arrive on time and undamaged. When it comes to aircraft maintenance, a damaged part is the same as a missing part, and we at Nefab work hard to ensure that your replacement parts arrive in perfect operating condition.

At Nefab, we have developed a total cost approach aimed at key points in the supply chain. The end result is we are able to help your business improve supply chain efficiency while preserving safety and dependability. Our total cost approach consists of focusing on the effect of packaging on the following items:

Transportation costs. The size, weight, and durability of the packaging used in shipping your inventory can directly impact the costs you pay for transporting the parts you need. Nefab aims to minimize packaging size and weight while preserving durability.

Administration expenses. Paying staff to track and coordinate delivery of multiple shipments can be costly. The Nefab approach works to reduce your administration expenses by utilizing various tools that will more quickly and efficiently track and coordinate product shipments. Depending on the specifics of your supply chain, the Nefab approach may even be able to identify suppliers and vendors who can be eliminated from the process altogether, simplifying your administration and saving you money.

Warehousing costs. The price your business pays to store and protect parts during the various stages of the supply chain, as well as the money you have tied up in the parts that are sitting in a warehouse can impact your bottom line. The Nefab total cost approach includes an analysis of your warehousing costs as well as an action plan to reduce the various cost drivers in this area. By implementing just-in-time delivery, we help reduce the capital that your business has tied up in parts sitting in the warehouse. At the same time, we utilize online ordering to assist you in obtaining the parts you need, where you need them, at just the right time that you need them.

Product protection expenses.
The packaging should protect your product without being too cost-prohibitive relative to the expense of the product it is protecting. An aerospace company should not cut corners on protecting an expensive part; at the same time, neither should it incur large expenses to protect a part that is easily replaced and cheaply manufactured. Nefab’s total cost approach includes a packaging solution that provides the best protection available relative to the replacement cost of a given product or part.

Handling costs.
The money you pay employees, vendors, and suppliers for moving packaging around in the various stages of the supply chain is a key component to overall supply chain costs. Nefab utilizes packaging designed to minimize handling costs through steps such as decreasing the number of packages, improved package design for easier handling, and other means. The end result is a lower total handling cost, leading to a better bottom line for your aerospace business.
Environmental expenses. By utilizing re-usable packaging when possible and implementing a return shipping scheme in some instances, the Nefab total cost approach helps reduce packaging waste. This saves money for your business and reduces overall environmental impact.

Standardization is Key

Nefab helps to reduce packaging costs by designing packaging that can be used for multiple parts when possible. By consolidating and standardizing packaging options, Nefab helps reduce the complexity and costs of each stage of the part shipping process, leading to a lower overall total packaging cost.

Nefab Offers Real Value and Quality Service

In summary, the Nefab total cost approach brings you:

Standardized packaging to reduce administrative and logistical expenses
Packaging design and supply chain engineering using our dedicated team of experienced engineers
A single point of contact as opposed to multiple vendors and suppliers
Supply chain transparency through our use of online ordering, tracking, and managing software
Just in time deliveries to minimize the capital you have tied up in spare parts
24/7 availability due to our use of an online ordering system
An overall reduction in your total packaging and supply chain costs

We are excited to help you reduce your overall supply chain costs while preserving the quality and reliability which you demand. Let us put our team of product supply chain engineers to work for you!

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