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Crating is one of the most popular types of packaging for industrial products, and there is a lot consider when deciding the type and design of a crate.

If the crate isn’t the right size, you will waste space and pay more for shipping than you should. If it’s not sturdy enough, you may find that your products are damaged in transit. Then, many other issues can arise, such as how easy the crate is to assemble and what tools may be needed.

The CratePak Concept

The CratePak concept is one of our most popular crating solutions. It provides an effective packaging that is easy to assemble and dismantle, is very safe, and requires no nails at all. This wooden crate is also designed to be as ergonomic and lightweight as possible to avoid straining your employees. 

Crates are generally stored as flat as possible so that they take up very little space. Unfortunately, this means that the user must assemble them each time they are needed. With many types of crates, this can be a difficult and time-consuming process. In order to cut down on the amount of time needed for this task, we’ve made the CratePak very easy to build. Simply slide the side pieces into place and lock them to the reinforcements on each of the four corners.

The CratePak is made out of durable, but lightweight wood with steel corners for heavier or larger solutions. It doesn’t require a large amount of force to push the sides into place or pop them out when disassembling the crate.

The CratePak isn’t a solid-panel crate. The open spaces between the wooden slats may seem to lower the durability of the crate, but that’s not actually true at all. This crate is just as sturdy as any other crate of the same size and shape. However, since it’s not using as much material, the CratePak is much more environmentally friendly. There’s less material needed in its construction, which in turn lowers the environmental impact per unit. The flexibility of the crate means you can add side panels, inner fittings, and other security features if needed.

"Our CratePak concept can be customized by adding additional inner fittings and blockings"

A strong solution 

Our newest wooden crate solution makes use of a number of innovations to provide you with an even sturdier crate that is still easy to assemble without nails and is completely collapsible. Here are some of the ways this crating solution is one of the most efficient out there.

Stronger Corner Pieces
Unlike earlier versions, this new enhanced version makes use of steel corners instead of plastic. This provides additional strength, durability and reinforcement during shipping. You can also use these metal corners to strap or fasten the crate down to the pallet too, thanks to their additional reinforcement.

The corner pieces are available in three sizes; 19mm, 32mm, and 38mm. They are compatible with both US and European lumber sizes, so there’s no need to switch crates when shipping overseas.

Customize Your Crates
A crating solution can’t truly be efficient if it’s not flexible. It can be customized by adding additional inner fittings and blockings. You can fill the crate with a wide array of different of filling materials, including those made from cardboard, foam, or wood. This helps provide extra security for your products during transport. If theft is a concern, adding side panels to conceal the cargo can also help in this regard.

Once everything is packed, you can close a CratePak with different covers as needed. The crate can be easily opened and closed multiple times, unlike many traditional crating options that require tools or involve more lengthy assembly processes. Once packed, the entire crate can be placed on several different pallet types. It’s designed to be a one-size-fits-all approach to crates.

Benefits of the CratePak Concept

Shipping is one area where businesses often look to save money. With the CratePak, you can reduce the cost of crating products while still maintaining the security and safety needed. Here are five different ways you can save with these two Nefab crating solutions.

When having crates delivered or having your own crates returned to you, you want to avoid paying for extra space as much as possible. The CratePak is shipped disassembled, so it takes up much less space.

When disassembled, a CratePak takes up about half the space as a traditional crate does. This means you don’t have to use as much valuable shipping or warehouse space to store empty crates.

We’ve tested CratePak against leading crating products used in the shipping industry today. It provides as much, if not more, protection as these products, while offering a competitive cost and weight to boot.

Assembly and Handling
The CratePak reduces the amount of time employees have to spend building the crate. This means more crates can be filled and loaded in a shorter amount of time, allowing you to increase the speed and efficiency of your shipping process.

The CratePak can be reused multiple times, meaning less time and money spent on new crates and less waste produced, helping your business become more environmentally friendly as well.

Let Nefab Assist You with Your Crating Solutions
If you’d like to learn more about how you can take advantage of the savings that the CratePak can offer, please contact Nefab today. We believe we can assist you in finding the right crating solutions for all of your needs.

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