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Long-Term Packaging Solutions for Your Products

While some products only need to be packaged for a short period of time, others are in need of more long-term packaging.

These packing solutions are designed to be durable and resilient for much longer periods of time than other types of packaging. There are a number of different long-term packaging solutions that we at Nefab use in order to provide our clients with the most choices and the best options in the industry.

When to Use Long-Term Solutions

You'll want to use a long-term packaging solution any time a product is going to spend a good amount of time in the package. This includes the time spent in transport and storage, the time the product will remain in the packaging by the end user, and when manual handling is needed. There are a number of industries in which long-term packaging solutions are needed much more often than other industries. These include, among others, the following industries:


Long-Term Solutions Made Out of Plywood

Plywood is a good material to use to transport goods that are considered dangerous.
Long-term packaging solutions can be divided into five different groups: Plywood boxes, Flight cases, Plastic boxes, Watertight cases, Aluminum boxes

Plywood Boxes
Plywood boxes are an excellent alternative for long-term packaging solutions. It can be used for a wide a number of applications, and the boxes can be approved for dangerous goods. These boxes or crates can be made to fit small or large products. They can have a number of different lacquers applied, too, to make them more durable. They can be stained or screen-printed to add a visual identifier to them. The advantages of plywood lie in its flexibility in size and its high strength.

Other Long-Term Packaging Solutions

Plastic Cases and Boxes
Plastic cases and boxes can also come in a variety of different sizes. Plastic is durable and protects against impacts. Cases can be either single-walled or reinforced, depending on the application and usage. Single-walled cases are designed to be slimmer and lighter, but they're not always as durable. Reinforced cases feature double walls and are stronger. Plastic totes come in many different sizes and models. Some are lightweight, have lids, and are designed for mostly indoor use. Others are stronger and may be stacked outside when needed. They can also be used to transport dangerous goods. The advantages of plastic are that these boxes come in a variety of sizes, they can be reused multiple times, and they are fairly durable.

Watertight Cases
Watertight cases are made from injection-molded plastics and are designed to withstand the toughest conditions. These cases come in a variety of sizes. Some are small enough to hold only a few tools and can easily be hand-carried, while others are large cases with wheels and telescoping handles. The main benefit of using a watertight case is, obviously, the fact that the case is waterproof and can protect against chemical spills. These cases can be created in custom sizes, too, if a standard size does not meet your needs.

Aluminum Boxes
Aluminum boxes are another durable way of protecting products for long-term storage or use. These boxes provide protection from corrosion and other factors. Many include seals around the lids to keep water and dust out, although these boxes are often not as waterproof as watertight cases are. They can be created in various sizes, including custom sizes. As with other types of boxes and cases, you can add a foam insert to help protect the products placed in the case. Many also include handles and locking mechanisms. The advantages of aluminum boxes include their weight, durability, and corrosion protection. The ability to customize the size and add-on features such as locks also serves as a benefit.

How Nefab Can Help with Long-Term Packaging

Here at Nefab, we have years of experience with long-term packaging. One of the earliest types of shipping solutions we provided was plywood boxes. Today, we offer a wide range of options, and we understand how each of them can be customized to fit your needs. Contact us today if you have any type of long-term packaging need, and we will find the right solution for you.

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