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Nefab China Celebrates 20 years

Nefab China has reached an exciting milestone as the company celebrated its 20th anniversary on March 23rd 2018.

Over 170 employees coming from 16 branches from all over China gathered in Wuxi for the great celebration. The event included among others: a factory tour in Wuxi plant, dinner party, and a teambuilding event on the second day.

Nefab started its operation in China 1997, when the first factory was opened in Wuxi by Jochum Pihl. With a strong focus on packaging design, product quality and onsite packing services Nefab soon established itself as a leader within the industrial packaging field in China. Over the coming years, Nefab expanded its operations and set up regional production centers in Langfang, Dongguan, Chengdu and Wuhan. With the new sites and a sales and service network covering the whole country, Nefab had a platform to serve customers with complete packaging solutions all over China.

At the 20-year anniversary event in Wuxi on March 23rd, Jochum Pihl, Co-Owner and Board Member of Nefab, gave a speech and reflected on how it all started in China some 20 years ago.

Jochum Pihl, Co-Owner and Board Member of Nefab.
“22 years ago I was for the first time in China, when I invited myself to go visit Ericsson in Nanjing, I saw a very challenging and promising opportunity. So I immediately started to think: this is the future for Nefab - To be in China is a must. I started to look at different opportunities in China, the market is so huge – where should we start, how should we start and so on. So we went into looking at different options. Also, we managed to convince the board members in Sweden that this is a great opportunity for us. Once we got the “go” and started to build up the team, a nice bunch of people were working extremely hard and dedicated to achieve what we did.

For me, participating in this process was quite amazing because I had the opportunity to transfer some know-how, while you taught me everything about the Chinese market. The first 2 years were tough, but after that it really took off. It is very nice to see what we have all accomplished together. Nefab China is a very precious diamond in the necklace of Nefab companies. I am really happy to participate in this event and seeing this development. Thank you all for your contributions!”

On March 24th the whole China team went together for a team building activity, which marked the ending of the 20th anniversary celebration event. Everyone enjoyed the event and the warm feeling of being part of the big Nefab family.

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