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Nefab Official Amazon Packaging Design and Testing Partner

We are proud to announce that Nefab has become a packaging design and testing partner of Amazon. As of this year, we can assist you with all-in-one packaging solutions abiding to the latest Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS) standards. These standards, also known as International Safe Transit Association 6 (ISTA 6), have been incorporated in all of our ISTA testing facilities.

The Amazon certified packaging standards explained

David Nowak, Engineering & Innovation Manager Nefab Europe, describes the Amazon standards as follows: “Amazon created specific packaging standards optimized for online product fulfillment. The design of the packaging is based on functionality and its protective properties. After the consumer has bought the product the next step for Amazon is to make sure that the product is shipped and arrives undamaged”.

According to Amazon, the main reason for implementing the Certified Packaging standard is to improve the customer experience: “Amazon’s mission is to optimize
the overall customer experience by collaborating with manufacturers worldwide to invent sustainable packaging that delights customers, eliminates waste, and ensures
products arrive intact and undamaged”.

The need for an additional Amazon packaging standard originated from the abundance of products being damaged during transport. David: “Till this day, Amazon
experiences problems with products being damaged during transport due to insufficient packaging and product protection. In order to tackle these problems,
Amazon created the APASS network: a network of dedicated companies that received guidance to design, supply, and test Amazon certified packaging.” These standards have been developed in collaboration with the ISTA and aim for sustainable packaging solutions that minimize the risk of transport related product damages.

The advantages of the Amazon certified packaging standards

A case study based on a collaboration between Amazon and a large toy manufacturer revealed some interesting key-advantages:

  1. By switching to the APASS standard packaging, the manufacturer managed to reduce the amount of packaging material used by over 50%. The new
    packaging also excluded the need for plastic, resulting in 100% recyclable cardboard packaging.
  2. The size of the overall package was reduced by more than half by designing packaging that fits around the product with as little extra space as
    possible. Additionally, the new design ensured a protective casing rendering an additional shipping box obsolete.
  3. The new packaging designs also decreased the risk of so-called wrap-rage (the difficulty of opening traditional packages). The new packages were
    guaranteed to be openable in less than 2 minutes, hence contributing to an overall better customer experience.

Amazon product design, testing and development at Nefab

As an official packaging partner, Nefab is guaranteed to provide the design, testing and development of Certified Amazon Packaging. We follow the latest guidelines
and always strive to create sustainable, frustration-free packaging tailored specifically for the online fulfillment of products from the automotive and tech industries.

Global presence

Due to our global presence, we are able to provide you with tailored packaging solutions for your specific geographical region or target audience.

All-in-one solutions

The all-in-one packaging solutions we can offer drastically decrease production times. We can design, test and produce your packaging in-house, meaning you will not
have to outsource the various steps of the process.

Decrease liability

When compared to traditional packaging, the risk of being held liable for damages occurring during shipment are substantially decreased by using certified Amazon packaging from Nefab. A thorough design and testing process ensures product packaging capable of withstanding the complete online fulfillment process of Amazon.

Amazon certified packaging for your company

Interested in the Amazon certified packaging possibilities for your company? Or global supply, testing or packaging design in general? Get in touch today! Our Nefab
packaging professionals are keen to introduce your company to the next level of product packaging.





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