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Changes in Board of Directors

Nefab Group AB has at a General Meeting on February 23rd, 2021 decided upon changes in the board of directors.

Magdalena Gerger, President & CEO of Systembolaget AB, is elected board member and chairman of the board. Magdalena has long and extensive background as board member from companies such as Ingka Holding BV (IKEA), Investor AB, Husqvarna AB and Ahlsell AB.

Magdalena Gerger says:

- I’m really looking forward to being part of shaping Nefab’s continued growth journey, by contributing with my experiences from related industries and companies.

Per Hallius, who is leaving the position as chairman of the board, continues:

-  During my six years of chairmanship Nefab has undergone a number of major changes, including the appointment of a new CEO, development and implementation of a new strategy and also embarked on a journey of accelerated change with 2020 as an intermediate milestone. During this period, Nefab has strengthened its market position and competitiveness, while achieving strong growth with improved profitability. Nefab is now in a great position from which the company can continue to expand, which makes this is a good time for me to hand over my position as chairman of the board.

In addition to this change, Lars Wedenborn has declined re-election as board member.

-  When FAM became co-owners of Nefab 2015, we saw enormous potential in this well-run company. Being able to look back and see this potential bearing fruit is very satisfying. It will be very interesting to follow Nefab’s continued expansion, says Lars Wedenborn.

Magnus Fernström, Investment Manager at FAM, is elected new board member.

After the aforementioned changes, the board of Nefab Group AB consists of Magdalena Gerger as chairman of the board, and board members Jochum Pihl, Ing-Marie Nordgren, Kristian Sildeby, Lars-Åke Rydh, Carl-Johan Hagman, Magnus Fernström and union representatives.

Contact information:
Staffan Pehrson
President and CEO, Nefab Group AB
Email: staffan.pehrson@nefab.com

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