Pooling, a smart way to Implement Returnable Solutions


Pooling is a solution that gives your business flexibility regarding packaging. Instead of investing capital in your own packaging, you can, based on demand, rent returnable packaging at the right time, the right place, and in the right quantity.

How pooling works

Pooling provides a lot of flexibility. You have more control over the quantities you need at the moment and do not have to plan for disposal and recycling at the end of the packaging cycle, since the pooling provider arranges pick-up of the packaging from end customers and perform quality control, cleaning, and repair at the various locations around the world. Because of this, pooling is also an environmentally friendly and profitable alternative to one-way packaging.


A pooling service offers a sustainable alternative to one-way solutions; by reusing the packaging several times, you can reduce your environmental impact.

Reducing Cost

Pooling services will enable you to free up capital since you are renting packaging based on your need instead of buying. Free cash flow can then be used for investments in your core activities. 

Gives Control

All your items are never more than one click away through a Connected Pool, giving you full visibility throughout their returnable flows.

Keep in Mind

However, pooling is not the solution for all applications and situations. To decide whether a returnable or expendable solution could be used think about these three criteria; the shipping distance should be shorter than 1500km, there should be a relatively high volume of products and lastly, it is positive if the project length is three years or more.

Secondly, the decision to outsource the financing and the management of the returnable is mostly based on cash flow choices as described above and operational capacities: Do you have the current set-up to control, clean, and maintain a functional pool? if not, then using an external partner will save a valuable amount of time and money.

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