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How straw-based packaging can help optimize your supply chains and fight climate change?

We live in unprecedented times when doing business as usual is simply no longer an option.

The consequences of rising global temperatures pose a serious threat to the livelihood of many communities across the globe. According to the Paris Agreement, to slow down the negative impact of climate change, the world needs to decrease annual greenhouse gas emissions by 50% in the next eight years. The need for change is imminent.

If the looming climate crisis was not enough, the current economic landscape weakened by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the shockwave of recent global geopolitical events, have shaken up global supply chains. Those disruptions have shortened the supply of raw materials pushing the prices to record highs. This forced the industry to look for alternatives.


The natural solution

In response to those challenges, the packaging industry has been championing innovative and cost-effective solutions. Creating sustainable supply chains means adapting more environmentally friendly materials. This is where fiber-based packaging comes in with its natural properties, promising 100% recyclability, renewability, and biodegradability.

Straw-based fibers, in particular, have gained much attention. Its unique properties, cost efficiency and ease of processing make it a perfect packaging material for sustainable supply chains. The benefits of reusing straws also have a positive impact on local communities and the global climate at large.

Sustainability redefined

Straw-based packaging is made from agricultural waste – a residue from crops. Traditionally, following the harvest, farmers in some parts of the world burn the fields to eliminate the stubble. The fire emits large amounts of gases including smog-forming CO and CO2 into the atmosphere. The harsh hazes of highly potent, toxic fumes are not only dangerous to people’s health but also to the environment. Stubble burning – as it is officially called – has been recognized as one of the major contributors to air pollution in the world preceded only by industrial and vehicular emissions (Science Direct).

Straw-based packaging can help mitigate the issue as it creates an opportunity for the economic use of post-harvest crops. This means that farmers, instead of burning the fields, can now sell the stubble and earn money without putting their communities and the environment at risk.

Moreover, being made from organic, plant-based materials means that straw-based packaging is biodegradable and recyclable in the paper stream. This makes it easy to recycle, minimizes the landfill, and has a positive impact not only at the origin but also at the end destination.

Strong and safe

The straw fibers are short but very stiff compared to wood fibers. Combining those layers gives the material great strength. This innovative design creates a solution as strong as plywood while increasing the stacking strength. With its wide range of applications and customization, it is a reliable solution not only for light but also heavy cargo and can be used to ship products by road, sea and air.
Straw-based packaging requires no nails to assemble making it extremely easy to handle, while creating a quiet and safe work environment at both the initial packing point and the unpacking destination.

Committed to change

Taking care of the world’s natural resources has always been a part of Nefab's heritage. We have set the objective to create the strongest fiber-based packaging solutions on the market, that can be recycled as easily as paper, anywhere in the world. With straw-based solutions, we are innovating to lead the way towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

Nefab has developed EdgePak Straw - a solution that provides stacking strength and easy handling at a low carbon footprint. Foldable corners made from strawboard create a strong moisture-resistant construction. To learn more about EdgePak, check out the video above.


We save resources in supply chains, for a better tomorrow. 


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