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Meet FAM AB, co-owners of Nefab

Meet FAM AB, co-owners of Nefab

In 1949, the Nefab Group was founded by the Nordgren/Pihl family in Sweden. The family has always been the sole owner or majority owner of the group until 2015. Since then, half of the company is co-owned by FAM AB. Here we learn more about FAM AB and how its initiatives contribute to and are strengthened by Nefab’s growth.

FAM AB - a part of the Wallenberg Ecosystem

FAM is a long-term and active owner of market-leading companies in their respective fields. The dividends FAM generates for the Wallenberg Foundations help to finance excellent research and education in Sweden. FAM’s passion lies in developing companies with Nordic roots to reach world-class international status, by increasing their value and dividend capacity over time.

For more than 160 years, the Wallenberg family has worked in a long-term and committed manner in the service of enterprise and research in Sweden and internationally. Today, members of the fifth generation are leading the family’s activities. What is commonly referred to as “the Wallenberg sphere” and its ecosystem includes 16 non-profit foundations – the Wallenberg Foundations – and the ownership of their largest holding companies FAM (wholly owned) and Investor AB (majority owned) and their respective holdings. Dividends from holdings are utilized for research and education grants that strengthen Sweden over time.

The Foundations grant funding to researchers, research projects, and education have totaled SEK 11 billion over the past five years and slightly more than SEK 37 billion since the first Foundation was established in 1917.

Long-term development, innovation, and social responsibility 

Focused on active, long-term, and engaged leadership, FAM’s philosophy is to maximize dividends by leveraging proprietary expertise and competence of the entire Wallenberg network. Growth in the value of FAM’s portfolio and its dividends contribute to the Wallenberg Foundations’ ability to give grants for Swedish research and education.

Besides supporting Nefab in professional board work, including board recruitment and push for management follow-up strategies, FAM supports Nefab in the following areas: Competence Supply & Diversity; Business Ethics; Sustainability; Research & Development; Digitalization and Financial Management.

The need for long-term business owners that are highly committed, and take responsibility and action, has never been greater. In the 2020s, businesses and industries are facing major challenges – climate change, rapid technological development and multi-polarization of the global economy are some of the big trends in place.

To address this scenario, since 2021 Nefab embraced a purpose-driven strategy. Nefab’s purpose We save resources in supply chains, for a better tomorrow derivates from the company’s history and fosters multi-value creation for customers, society, and the environment.

Nefab’s purpose guides the company’s value proposition, business strategy, and core values.


Learn more about FAM AB

FAM is owned by the three largest Wallenberg Foundations – the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation, and the Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Foundation – via the holding company Wallenberg Investments AB. Learn more: https://fam.se/en/about-us 


Learn more about Nefab's ownership

Nefab saves environmental and financial resources by optimizing supply chains. We do this by innovating together with our customers to create smarter packaging and logistics solutions while always respecting people and high ethical standards. The owners of Nefab Group are the Nordgren/Pihl family and FAM AB. Learn more: https://www.nefab.com/en/about/ 

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