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Stronger together

Metso Outotec, in partnership with Nefab, has significantly improved packaging and operations, lowering both the carbon footprint and saving two million euros in the global supply chain through collaboration, teamwork, and continuous improvement.

Metso Outotec and Nefab collaborate globally to lower carbon footprint and total cost across the supply chain.

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. Clear scientific evidence and a plethora of alarming trends indicate that it is accelerating beyond expectations and posing a threat to global supply chains. Scientists predict that such climate-related disruptions will only worsen in the coming years as the world warms. There is a clear business case for companies to act now – with a clear vision of our sustainable future in mind. Businesses must prioritize sustainability as a strategic imperative, taking into consideration the environment, safety, and well-being of people and the planet.

Metso Outotec has developed a more comprehensive sustainability strategy, committing to limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius and aiming for net zero emissions in its own operations by 2030. The company supports its suppliers to determine the carbon footprint of their own operations, suppliers, and products as part of the 1.5-degree journey. Metso Outotec asks for continuous environmental improvement, such as the development of a CO2 emission reduction plan and the setting of their own CO2 reduction targets, specifically, encouraging commitment to the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi). This is also one of Metso Outotec’s official sustainability targets: to have 30% of suppliers by spend to have committed to SBTi by 2030.

Metso Outotec appreciates Nefab's ability to collaborate on assessing the impact and implementing supply chain solutions that are optimized in terms of total cost and environmental impact. Nefab is committed to developing innovative new ways to offer sustainable packaging and logistics solutions in collaboration with customers, while always respecting people and ethical standards. Solutions by Nefab add value to customers, society, and the environment by producing sustainable packaging materials, focusing on engineered packaging solutions, and implementing smart logistic flows that save money and resources in supply chains. By 2026, Nefab plans on saving 10 million tons CO2 emissions in customer supply chains.
Strong emphasis on sustainability and related ambitious goals is what makes Metso Outotec and Nefab ideal partners.

Key Highlights

  • The collaboration of Metso Outotec and Nefab has resulted in a 2,600 tons reduction in carbon footprint per year
  • Metso Outotec is providing high-level services to customers as a result of close coordination, better planning, and increased operational efficiency
  • Increased energy efficiency in warehouse operations through the use of energy-efficient forklifts, improved flooring, and LED indoor lighting while also enhancing the safety of workers.

Innovative partnership to accelerate sustainability in supply chain

The global collaboration between Metso Outotec and Nefab began in 2012, and it is a growing partnership with both companies dedicated to working towards a more sustainable future. Metso Outotec's aim, in collaboration with Nefab, is to provide the industry's best supply chain for customers and partners.
Today, the partnership between Metso Outotec and Nefab spans sixteen countries in Asia, the Americas, and Europe, and is growing.

Implementing optimized supply chain solutions

Transportation is one of the largest contributors accounting for 23% of global CO2 emissions. Metso Outotec and Nefab partnered to develop a range of standard packaging and design innovative, lightweight, compact, and stackable packaging solutions that reduce CO2 emissions and freight costs.

Metso Outotec standardized reusable packaging designed by Nefab for the transportation of spare parts

A few examples that best demonstrate the impact is that by simply reducing the pallet weight, air transportation is optimized significantly. Another illustration is the use of special heavy-duty CratePak boxes. Large components can now be transported by Metso Outotec stacked in two layers inside sea containers, resulting in 100% tonnage utilization. Previously, these products were supplied in a single layer on a pallet. Overall, these highly engineered packaging redesign projects have already reduced CO2 emissions by 2,500 tons, equivalent to removing 531 cars from the road each year, while simultaneously lowering freight costs. This improvement journey is still ongoing.

CratePak is designed to stack and transport Metso Outotec's large parts and is stronger and lighter than traditional wooden crates. CratePak is designed to stack and transport Metso Outotec's large parts and is stronger and lighter than traditional wooden crates.
How Metso Outotec (MO) and Nefab's collaboration results in a reduction in carbon footprint annually How Metso Outotec (MO) and Nefab's collaboration results in a reduction in carbon footprint annually
“Metso Outotec’s purpose is to enable sustainable modern life, with an aim to create solutions to accelerate sustainability in the industries where we operate in. Together with Nefab, our aim is to deliver the best supply chain in our industry for our customers and partners.”
Olli-Petteri Salo, VP Global Logistics Services Management, Metso Outotec

On the operations side, after market service is a critical part of Metso Outotec’s success, therefore warehouses for spares and wears are expected to provide high-level services to customers. In 2020, Metso Outotec and Nefab expanded their cooperation and began working together to operate warehouses in a sustainable and efficient manner. Today, Nefab operates Metso Outotec warehouses in Europe and Asia, offering a wide range of logistics and packaging services, including inbound, receiving, storage, picking, packing, outbound, vendor managed inventory, and value-added services. Together, the two companies are working to modernize the warehouses through smart planning and more efficient and sustainable infrastructure, the use of battery-operated material handling equipment, and process automation.

Additionally, Metso Outotec increased workers safety while saving 102 tons of CO2 annually in warehouse operations through the use of energy-efficient forklifts, improved flooring, and LED indoor lighting. Metso Outotec and Nefab are also working together to reduce waste in the Metso Outotec end-to-end supply chain (from suppliers to customers) by implementing reusable packaging solutions. The reduction in wood waste in one warehouse will result in annual savings of 480 trees (age of trees 70-100 years).

“We enjoy collaborating with Metso Outotec because they push our team to improve and optimize supply chain solutions and make it more efficient. Together with our customers, we create sustainable packaging and logistics solutions that can save financial and environmental resources in supply chains for a better tomorrow.”
Per Öhagen, President & CEO, Nefab

A better tomorrow

The collaboration of Nefab and Metso Outotec has resulted in a positive change; by working together, both companies have helped reduce environmental impact in supply chains.
Metso Outotec, as a technology company serving the aggregates, minerals processing and metals refining industries, can create the biggest positive change through enabling its customers. Metso Outotec is partnering with its customers, suppliers, and communities for the drive towards net zero and decarbonization of the industries. As a leading supplier of equipment and services to its customers, and given how energy intensive the industry is, the company’s approach to technology and innovation really matters.

Nefab is committed to leading the transformation alongside customers, with a strong foundation and bold ambitions. By providing smarter packaging and logistics solutions that reduce total costs and CO2 emissions in supply chains, Nefab hopes to add value to customers, society, and the environment.

Together, Metso Outotec and Nefab save resources in supply chains for a better tomorrow!

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