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Four ways data and innovative packaging solutions bring circularity into supply chains - insights from Patric Vestlund, Executive Vice President - Americas region.

Supply Chain Brain, the world’s most comprehensive information resource for supply chain news, recently published its annual ESG Guide called ESG Compliance: It’s a Problem of Scope that covers the hottest topics in environmental, social, and governance matters in supply chain management. This guide includes expert insights from Patric Vestlund, Executive Vice President of the Nefab Group – Americas region where he discusses how innovative packaging solutions contribute to circularity within supply chains.

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In the guide, you can learn about vital steps that companies undertake to succeed in their sustainable supply chain transformations. Backed by real-life data, businesses must quantify environmental impact and set achievable goals amidst increasing pressure from customers, regulators, and rising shipment costs. Understanding environmental footprints and opting for innovative packaging designs, including recycled and alternative materials, is crucial. Embracing circular supply chains to prolong product lifespan and minimize waste also requires cross-industry collaboration. Additionally, investing in technology for connectivity throughout the supply chain enhances efficiency and accountability and results in optimized and waste-reduced operations.

By prioritizing sustainability, businesses can meet both environmental and economic goals in today's competitive landscape.

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