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Thermoformed Trays

Sustainable thermoformed  trays

Sustainable thermoformed trays

Nefab’s thermoformed trays are sustainable plastic packaging applications made from high recycled content. Our solutions are highly protective and customizable, ideal for precision packaging in automated lines that require robotic handling. Nefab's thermoformed trays are available globally to several segments, including the Automotive, Electronic, Datacom, Telecom, Aerospace, and Lithium-ion Battery industries.  

Materials and applications

Tailor-made according to each of customers' needs and requirements, Nefab’s thermoformed trays are made from different eco-friendly materials, from virgin materials to recycled plastics. Besides being more sustainable in comparison to foam and paper, our thermoformed trays are lighter, offer more protection, and save more space and handling due to high nestability.

Circular thermoformed trays

Nefab’s thermoformed trays are designed with reduced materials and sizes optimized for packaging and loading. When possible, once their life cycle comes to an end, we collect our customer’s thermoformed waste, clean, extrude, and reuse it as raw material to produce recycled thermoformed trays. This keeps the plastic trays in continuous use in circular flows, which contributes to reduced CO2 emissions and total cost in the supply chain.

Circular thermoformed trays


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