Protection to prevent corrosion

Products that are transported for a longer period of time or stored for an extended length are often in need of corrosion protection. Corrosion protection packaging prevents corrosion without having to treat the metal with oil, grease or paint.

Corrosion prevention through the right packaging solutions

Corrosion is a significant problem in the handling, storage and shipping of products. Bare metal parts corrode easily. Temperature changes, contaminated air, sea salt and moisture, all create corrosion. All products with bare metal (bearings, engines, parts, electronic devices) need to be protected. Products in overseas transit go through a complex process of loading, unloading, manipulation, warehousing and control. So many parameters can influence the quality of the metal. The highest care is needed for a problem-free arrival. Nefab has provided corrosion protection solutions for many industries over the years. Through our competence and global network, Nefab can provide a customized solution anywhere in the world, giving customers the ability to dispatch products worldwide without humidity or corrosion damages.

Corrosion prevention through the right packaging solutions

Packaging Solutions

Corrosion Applications

There are several different solutions for protecting products from corrosion, depending on parameters such as: product type, means of transportation, and the length of the transit time.

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Nefab offers a wide range of products that protect against corrosion. Corrosion protection is vital for products transported under tough conditions with significant humidity and temperature changes. To control the moisture efficiently and to prevent products from corroding, desiccants must be used together with an adapted barrier material to stop moisture from getting in. For more information about our solutions, contact us today.

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