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Our offer of ESD Packaging

Electrostatic Discharge, ESD, can cause damage or operational disturbances in electronic equipment. Knowing this, and with our expertise, Nefab can provide a suitable ESD packaging solution that is customized to meet specific demands. A complete range of shielding, conductive, insulating and dissipative products enables Nefab to design a solution that gives the required protection. Nefab can offer a complete ESD control program, including products for the EPA, grounding products and testing equipment.

Our offer of ESD Packaging

ESD Packaging Program

An ESD Program should include the following points, by following the below points damage can be minimized.

ESD training and instruction
Handle ESD sensitive (ESDS) products only in an ESD Protected Area (EPA).
Keep all conductors (including persons) on the same potential.
Remove all "common" (charge generating) plastics from the EPA.
Neutralize electrostatic charges on essential insulative materials by using ionization.
Surround all ESDS with ESD safe packaging materials, except when they are being actively worked on.

Checklist for ESD safe handling - ESD Evaluation

Assign an ESD coordinator.
Which components are ESDS (ElectroStatic Discharge Sensitive)?
Where are ESDS products handled?
Which processes can cause ESD?
Where do ESDS products go to after leaving the plant?
Quantify damage and loss due to ESD.

ESD protection
Optimal ESD protection can be achieved by a combination of:

ESD training and instruction;
ESD protective products;
Frequent monitoring of the above.

ESD training and instruction

Explain why ESD protection is necessary.
Demonstrate the use of various ESD products.
Adjust precautions to the practical working circumstances.
Explain that ESD protection can generate a generous return on investment.

ESD Packaging Program

EPA (ESD Protected Area)

ESD safe worksurface.
Wrist band with grounding cord.
Identification EPA (caution sign).



ESD safe floor, in combination with shoe grounders or
ESD safe footwear.
ESD safe chairs.
ESD safe binders and document holders.
ESD safe garments (gloves, coats, headwear).
ESD safe tooling.
ESD safe waste bins.
Worksurface ionizers.

ESD protective packaging

Checking of packaging of incoming goods.
Packaging requirements of the product:
Product sensitivity electrical properties
Mechanical properties
Water Vapour Transmission Rate (WVTR)
Single use or re-usability

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