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Building the Base for Further Expansion

At the beginning of the 2010s, Nefab intensified its focus on serving global customers in a handful of key market segments: Telecom, Energy, Vehicles, Healthcare and Aerospace. In 2010 Nefab strengthened the footprint in North America via the acquisition of Chick Packaging, thereby expanding its capabilities to successfully serve targeted industries and global customers in the US. In April 2015 the Nordgren/Pihl family and FAM (Wallenberg foundations) joined forces in a long-term 50/50 ownership agreement, a partnership providing the financial strength and strategic endurance to support Nefab’s next growth journey. Today, Nefab is continuing to rapidly expand both its geographic footprint, as well as broadening its base of global customers. The increased focus on innovation in green materials and solutions is clearly paying off. Nefab is realizing its vision of being the preferred global partner for sustainable packaging solutions and logistics optimization services.

An Exciting Acquisition

Nationwide Footprint Across the US

For many years, Nefab had been serving the US market from its manufacturing site in Peterborough. At the time, Nefab did not really have the capabilities to help global customers with local supply and service throughout the United States. Because of this, the decision was taken to strengthen Nefab's footprint in North America with the acquisition of Chick Packaging, a North American leader in industrial packaging solutions and services headquartered in Texas. Overnight, the sales teams in the US were backed up by over 600 employees across 17 sites in the United States, plus one site in Hamburg, Germany. The acquisition of Chick Packaging significantly increased Nefab’s capability in delivering complete packaging solutions in North America. With the addition of Chick Packaging’s expertise, reputation and footprint throughout the US, Nefab could now provide packaging solutions and services for several important customer segments in the area, including power generation, medical and telecom/electronics.

Evolution of Ownership
Evolution of Ownership

A Long-Term Partnership Was Established

The Nordgren family founded Nefab in 1949 and was until 2007 the majority owner of the company. During the period from 1996 to 2007, the company was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and from 2007 until 2014, the family co-owned Nefab with the investment group Nordic Capital.

In October 2014, the Nordgren/Pihl family once again became the sole owner after buying back Nordic Capital’s shares, while also announcing the intent to find a financially strong co-owner and partner – a partner that would share the family’s long-term focus. – Our goal was to find an ownership structure where we didn’t have to focus on quarterly reports. We wanted to work for long-term, stable growth.We found the perfect partner in FAM, says Ing-Marie Nordgren, daughter of Nefab’s founder, Hans-Elov Nordgren.

FAM is ultimately owned by the three largest Wallenberg Foundations, and in April 2015, FAM joined the Nordgren/Pihl family as co-owners of Nefab on equal terms. Since then, the shared ownership has provided the financial stability and strategic endurance required for Nefab to reach its full potential in a transforming market.

Today, almost ten years along the road, we know that our ownership structure has helped our evolution in more ways than merely financially, it has also proved successful in developing the internal culture and growing an increasingly international mindset. These are all important factors as we continue our growth journey.

A Path Toward Innovation
A Path Toward Innovation

Continued Growth & Innovation

Nefab created their first central organization and started to expand fast in terms of global accounts.  response to an increased demand from customers regarding sustainability. This was also the start of a diversification of Nefab’s product and service offerings.

In 2011, GreenCalc, Nefab’s own Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) software, was first launched, representing both a stronger offer in sustainable solutions and a new strategy to complement an already strong product offer witha service offer.