Quality Policy

Nefab Group is a global leading provider of Sustainable Packaging Solutions and Logistics Optimization, specializing in the supply of all the products and services that could be necessary for the effective handling and protection of its Customer’s goods, focusing on solutions with lower environmental and monetary costs


Nefab Group always focuses on providing its partners with those Solutions that satisfy their needs and expectations, seeking to provide the highest quality.


Effective processes and resources are established to ensure that all applicable legal and regulatory requirements are fulfilled, as minimum requirements, as well as other requirements assumed by Nefab Group with its partners or other interested parties.


Continual, Improvement is a primary focus for Nefab, developed through the implementation of Global and Local goals, process performance monitoring and tools for problem mitigation, correction and prevention.


People are the Group’s main resource. Nefab empowers its employees, as we know their relevance in our Partner’s satisfaction, as well as in our future.


Nefab sees customers and suppliers as Partners, and we strongly believe that strengthening ties is the best way to success; we will always look for the highest mutual benefit in our relations.

In order to help ensure the fulfilment and implementation of its main values and policies, Nefab Group has developed a Global Quality Management System (QMS). Nefab Leadership Teams and Employees are committed to follow and adhere to this Global Quality Policy.

Download the ISO 9001: certificate