Nefab – 70 years of innovation

2019 marks 70 years since Nefab was founded by the Nordgren brothers. What started as an innovative Swedish bread box manufacturer 1949 has developed through the decades into a leading global provider of sustainable packaging solutions and logistics services, serving global companies all around the world.

Nefab has come a long way since the early days, yet the unique company heritage and culture continue to shape the way business is done today.The focus is still to serve customer needs by driving continuous innovation, helping reduce cost and carbon footprint throughout supply chains, worldwide.

1920’s to 1950’sRead More

The roots of Nefab goes back to the 1920s. Everything started with a small carpentry shop.

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1960’sRead more

The 60’s was a transformative decade for Nefab and the beginning of a big growth journey!

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1970’sRead more

During the 70’s Nefab continued to innovate in new packaging solutions.

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1980’sRead more

The 80’s was the decade when Nefab really started to build its international platform.

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1990’sRead more

The 90’s began with a world-wide financial crisis, but Nefab continued on its growth journey.

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2000’sRead more

Nefab takes the step to become a global provider of Complete Packaging Solutions!

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2010 - TodayRead more

At the start of the 2010s, Nefab expanded the footprint in North America. The focus on global customers across industries is intensified, and a new growth journey is started!

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