At Nefab, we have a long legacy of innovation. Our origin stems from a simple, innovative idea: in the late 1940s, we developed a heat resistant bread box which prevented them from being crumpled due to the heat of the bread. We have come a long way from improving bread boxes, but a core lesson from those days has endured.

The takeaway is the notion that we innovate to simplify for our customers. Over the years, this principle has become a core value within Nefab, guiding the thinking behind many groundbreaking multi-material solutions – developed both in-house and in close collaboration with our customers around the world.

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Our origin stems from a simple, innovative idea in the late 1940s, laying the groundwork not only for Nefab itself, but for a culture of forward-thinking that has endured since.

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With a vast global engineering network, we can connect the people, designs and solutions that serve our customers in the best ways, all around the world.

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Once a solution have been designed, we can produce samples and prototypes using machinery and tools specifically designed for that purpose.

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Through our expertise and extensive testing capabilities, we can meet your needs and ensure that the proper standards are fulfilled, according to your specific products and industry.

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With connected packaging, we can eliminate blind spots within your supply chain by providing transparency in real-time, every step of the way.

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By combining in-house expertise with that of close research partnerships, we are paving the way for new materials that meet emerging customer needs for sustainable solutions.

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