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A leader in healthcare packaging solutions, Nefab is a trusted provider of medical device packaging services.

In the healthcare and medical device industry, change is inevitable and rapid. As the global population ages, production of Healthcare Equipment is expected to increase accordingly. With new technologies come new challenges. You can count on Nefab as a knowledgeable partner in the industry ready to meet new challenges. 

The healthcare industry is categorized by advanced technology and sensitive, high-value products.  These technologies require significant product protection, and packaging material, testing standards and documentation are highly regulated.  Quite frequently the product development and mass production take place in different parts of the world, so it is very important that packaging solutions are adaptable to various countries on any continent.

Nefab offers unsurpassed medical equipment packaging design solutions for the complex and sensitive equipment required for today’s healthcare needs. Transporting this type of equipment requires an understanding of the products and the viable healthcare packaging options. Nefab’s experience with delivering high quality healthcare packaging solutions has earned the trust of healthcare equipment manufacturers worldwide and provided them with peace of mind.

Our global medical device packaging solutions team works with manufacturers across the globe to deliver parts and equipment. We understand industry regulations and international standards and will guide our clients' through the process. All of our solutions are designed to support our clients’ products and our knowledgeable professionals work to create the most efficient healthcare packaging solution possible. Our strength in medical packaging design is a testament to our skill in packing highly delicate and fragile products in general.

Focus Areas


Nefab's customers operate in two areas: Imaging Systems, Medical Diagnostics and Patient Monitoring Systems. The first area consists of equipment such as X-ray machines, Computed Tomography (CT) scans, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans, Nuclear Medicine Imaging equipment, Mammography scans and Ultrasound monitors. The areas Medical Diagnostics and Patient Monitoring Systems refers to products such as Cardiology and Radiology Systems but also to care ports and patient monitors. These are all very valuable products and sensitive electronics, which places high demands on product protection. The field exclusively contains high-value products and sensitive electronics, placing high demands on product protection. Formats are generally large and since the products are often assembled and put into operation while still in their protective transport containers, the packaging must be made to fit into elevators and through doorways until it reaches the treatment room. 


Nefab's global platform provides global coordination and support at the local level, adapted for flows within the medical technology industry.

  • In-depth knowledge of the medical device industry
  • Optimal product protection and reduced shipping damage
  • Environment optimization
  • Reduced overall costs

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