Packaging for Sensitive Medical Equipment

Generally speaking, the value of medical equipment is extremely high. When packaging products that are valued in the $100,000+ range, the packaging has to work, plain and simple.

Packaging for Medical Equipment & Components Including:

  • Diagnostics equipment (CT, MRI, X-ray)
  • Therapeutic equipment (pumps, lasers)
  • Medical monitors

Reported Customer Benefits from Nefab Packaging in the Medical Equipment Segment:

  • Successful implementation of returnable packaging with a significant savings & pay-off time.
  • A one-stop shop for all packaging materials makes it very convenient for the future
  • Packaging was created to be used direct from the line to the site, easily implemented, and already on casters for mobility
  • Savings of over 15% were achieved in the first year alone
  • The customer's image to their users has increased dramatically
  • Weight of packaging has been reduced 30%
  • Product damages have been eliminated