Packaging for Mining, Oil & Gas

The mining industry is the largest of all industries in North America. When you consider this segment, large equipment and platforms come to mind.   However,  the scope of this industry is huge, and therefore the number of unique applications are in the thousands. 

Nefab's 6 key advantages to the mining & drilling segment:

  • 1. Functionality: Whether you require locking mechanisms, weather resistance, hinged lid for ease of access, drop down gate, or similar, Nefab's production capabilities and material selection are flexible and can meet most customer demands.
  • 2. Image (branding): What is a happy customer worth? Too much to risk! And Nefab's packaging not only brings awareness to your brand, but also shows the care your company puts into your products to ensure they arrive safe in optimized packaging. 
  • 3. Cost Savings: Our packaging helps reduce total costs. Minimizing packing time, handling methods, and storage space are only a few of the areas Nefab takes into account when working with you to reduce costs!
  • 4. Ruggedness: Tired of packaging that doesn't withstand difficult handling or climatic conditions? Nefab has experience in supplying packaging that is shipped to remote locations worldwide.
  • 5. Quality: Nefab is known for its quality. We have vigours procedures in place for quality assurance. All of our North American facilities are ISO9001 compliant. 
  • 6. Packaging Design: With our in-house engineers and packaging design centres, Nefab has the unique ability to develop standardized solutions avaliable globally for your applications.