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Metso & Nefab

Reducing carbon footprint and costs in the supply chain

Nefab partners globally with leading industrial company, Metso, to improve packaging and operations, lowering both the carbon footprint and costs .

Metso (formerly Metso Outotec), in partnership with Nefab, has significantly improved packaging and operations, lowering both the carbon footprint and saving two million Euros in the global supply chain through collaboration, teamwork, and continuous improvement.

  • The collaboration of Metso and Nefab has resulted in a 2,600 tons reduction in carbon footprint per year
  • Metso is providing high-level services to customers as a result of close coordination, better planning, and increased operational efficiency
  • Increased energy efficiency in warehouse operations through the use of energy-efficient forklifts, improved flooring, and LED indoor lighting while also enhancing the safety of workers.

“Metso’s purpose is to enable sustainable modern life, with an aim to create solutions to accelerate sustainability in the industries where we operate in. Together with Nefab, our aim is to deliver the best supply chain in our industry for our customers and partners.” says Olli-Petteri Salo, VP Global Logistics Services Management, Metso

“We enjoy collaborating with Metso because they push our team to improve and optimize supply chain solutions and make it more efficient. Together with our customers, we create sustainable packaging and logistics solutions that can save financial and environmental resources in supply chains for a better tomorrow.” says Per Öhagen, President & CEO, Nefab

The collaboration of Nefab and Metso has resulted in a positive change; by working together, both companies have helped reduce environmental impact in supply chains.

Nefab is committed to leading the transformation alongside customers, with a strong foundation and bold ambitions. By providing smarter packaging and logistics solutions that reduce total costs and CO2 emissions in supply chains, Nefab hopes to add value to customers, society, and the environment.

Learn more about this successful global collaboration here
Together, Metso and Nefab save resources in supply chains for a better tomorrow!

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