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Nefab has more than 60 years’ of experience of delivering packaging solutions to companies all over the world. Our solutions are optimized for each and every customer. To discover what we have done for our customers in the Pump and Valves industry please see below, or contact us to see how we can develop - Your Packaging Solution. 


Customer case: Pumps and valves 

A company within the pumps and valves industry requested that Nefab investigate their current packaging setup to see if there were any areas of improvement. The company was using three types of boxes for the packing of outgoing products – one plywood box and two wooden crates. Once Nefab's engineers reviewed the packaging process, it became obvious that there were significant improvements to be made.


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Customer Case: Packaging Process Findings

  • Every wooden piece is hand sawn at the place which is time-consuming.
  • It is also time-consuming for the packers to find the right kind and size of packaging
  • The unpacking process is difficult for the customer due to an unoptimized packaging design
  • The packaging is heavy which results in high transport costs (for analyzed products transportation costs are based on gross weight)

Customer Case: Our solution

To solve the issues that we discovered during the packaging process review Nefab proposed an ExPak solution to the customer. The benefits of using the ExPak compared to the current setup is that the customer can reduce the number of sizes as well as significantly decrease the packaging time.

  • A reduced number of box sizes resulting in a quicker handling process
  • A lighter packaging solution which reduces transportation costs
  • Improved ergonomics for packers

Customer Case: Hard savings 

Transportation costs savings: 96% ($250,000 USD)
Packaging costs savings:3,5% ($9,000 USD)
Handling and claim cost savings: 0,5% ($1,000 USD)




Customer Case: Soft savings

  • Reduced claim costs
  • Satisfied customer due to improved unpacking
  • Improved ergonomics because of the solution's light weight