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Nefab is expert at cost saving packaging solutions for Power Transmission

  • Freight: Optimizing your packaging size and weight can help reduce freight costs. 
  • Packing: Choosing a packaging solution that reduces labor time can save a lot of money. 
  • Handling: Along with packing time, internal handling and unpacking time can be very expensive components of the total cost of logistics. 
  • Administration: The process required to order packaging and manage inventory also adds cost to logistics.
  • Warehousing: Storing product costs money.  Nefab packaging is designed to be collapsible so it uses a smaller amount of valuable warehouse space.
  • Waste: It costs money to dispose of used packaging, as well as the waste from producing in-house.  Less waste = less cost. 

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Cost Effective Packaging Solutions

Cost Effective Packaging Solutions

Your mission is our mission. We develop complete packaging solutions optimized to reduce total cost and environmental impact in your supply chain. With our global engineering and supply capabilities we serve you in every corner of the world.

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