ExPak vs Cleated Crates

Traditional wooden crates are heavy, labor intensive, and require nails to assemble.  Nefab ExPak (plywood boxes) solves these problems and more...

Watch our video to see how ExPak stacks up against the competition!


Benefits of Nefab's Plywood Boxes:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Entirely customizable (dimensions, handles, locks, etc)
  • Safe for builders, due to light-weight material and no nails
  • Collapsible design makes it easy to stack and store
  • Galvanized steel profiles ensure strength and durability
  • Tab and slot integrated assembly / locking system facilitates packing and unpacking
  • Protects against the ravages of difficult transport, long-term storage, and climate changes
  • Ideal for everything from light to heavy, sensitive, and high-value products
  • Dangerous goods certified packaging solution
  • Meets international phytosanitary regulations for export compliant wood packaging
Different models exist depending on your products characteristics, how you prefer to pack the product, and how the package is handled both at your location and the receiving point.