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Supply Management

Nefab offers a full range of services for supply management, all designed to deliver customer benefits in a changing market. 

How Nefab can help

We offer supply services to our customers all over the world. Everything from warehousing to kitting and sub-assembly.

Customer value

Our services allow customers to free up capital and warehouse space for their core business.


With Nefab’s VMI service, we take full control of your packaging deliveries. One point of contact and a complete offer simplifies planning and optimizes inbound deliveries of packaging material. This service saves time and frees up space and capital.

Kitting and Sub-assembly

Nefab offers kitting and sub-assembly of customers’ products and packaging. Customers benefit from reduced warehouse space and increased operational efficiency as kitting allows assembly workers to spend more time assembling and less time searching for components.


Consolidation means coordinating a complete shipment so that packages and containers are packed and delivered in a specific order as requested by the customer. When the goods arrive at the final destination, the installation team needs to know which container, which pallet and which box to open to find the item they need.