Global Supply & Service

We provide local support and global coordination owing to our global supply and service capabilities.

How does it work?





Our global teams enable coordination and support to improve the packaging and logistics for multi-national customers.Nefab ,having a footprint of more than 30 countries, is able to provide local service and supply to all main industrial areas of the world.

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Nefab’s know-how is always close to the customer. We can quickly address the packaging challenges that customers face in their home markets or export destinations by acessing our worldwide engineering network of more than 100 engineers spanning across the Americas, Asia and Europe. Engineering solutions and packaging know how can be transferred from one country to another with minimal effort.





Customers can have products and services delivered according to their needs in every corner of the world, owing to our global supply and service platform consisting of approximately 100 production and service units coupled with a world-wide supplier network.