Total Cost Approach

Our Total Cost Approach ensures that packaging is optimized, reducing total cost in your supply chain.


How does it work?






By optimizing the packaging design,Nefab can reduce the overall transport costs for the customer. Using tailored packaging solutions the customer can fit more products into each shipment, container and truck, and thereby save money .






A packaging solution should enable a safe, easy and fast packing and loading procedure. With improved working environment and reduced handling time customers can focus on their core processes rather than packing and packaging. 





By our complete packaging solutions offer, JIT-deliveries and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services, customers can enjoy improved delivery planning and turn fixed costs into variable. This at the same time as working capital can be reduced.






On its way in transit, the packaging protects the goods from stresses throughout the supply chain. It is easy to build a strong packaging that will do the job, but the ingenious solution is the one that do the job with the minimum level of material, thus optimizing the cost for packaging, damages and claims. 





By designing collapsible packaging solutions with optimal fill factor and stacking capability, Nefab enables customers to save space in the receiving area as well as the warehouse for finished goods.





The choice of packaging material will impact waste management and the costs for waste disposal which should be considered as part of the total cost for a packaging solution. Moreover, Nefab designs packaging solutions that reduce the overall environmental impact in production, transport and end of life treatment.

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