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Test Lab Sweden

Our test laboratory in Sweden is located in Runemo, where Nefab was once founded. This lab has been ISTA certified since 2013 but has been validating packaging solutions since the early 90's. Pontus Eding, Product Manager at Runemo Test Lab, reports.

Pontus Eding is Product Manager at Nefab's test laboratory in Runemo.

Nefab's test lab in Runemo performs about 5-10 evaluations per month for our customers. In one case, we saw the potential to reduce a customer's packaging costs by 40%-60%. With the aim in mind, our engineers ran corrosion protection tests on four possible solutions.




Corrosion protection test

The customer was shipping their products in a wooden box with VCI protection, and we wanted to compare it against three different kinds of plywood-based solutions. 
We ran an environmental testing with cyclic testing according to IEC 60068-2-30-2005. All four solutions were put in the climatic chamber at 95% relative humidity. The temperature in the climatic chamber was alternated every 12 hours from 55° C to 25° C. 

Normally this test is performed over six days (6 cycles), but we decided to make the test tougher and run it over four weeks (28 cycles) instead. Testing aggressively makes the results more pronounced, leading to a more thorough and accurate evaluation. 


All of the packaging solutions protected the product from corrosion. However, Nefab's first alternative solution was the clear winner. This solution with a VCI bag and a sixteen (16) unit desiccant gave the best result, with no corrosion and no visible moisture inside. The other three solutions showed differing amounts of moisture inside the bag. 

The existing solution fared the worst, with moisture visible on the product within. This was most likely due to the desiccant used, which was small and to some extent already saturated before it was put in the packaging. The bag itself could also be an issue as the existing solution had more moisture than Nefab's third alternative, which had no desiccant inside. Most likely, the existing solution allowed more water to penetrate compared to the bags used in Nefab's alternatives.

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If this spiked your interest and you want to know more about our testing methods, our capabilities or other cases, you are welcome to contact Product Manager Pontus Eding at pontus.eding@nefab.com or click here for more contact information.