Packaging Products

Our wide range of packaging products is optimized to reduce our customers' total costs while minimizing their environmental impact.

Expendable Packaging 

Expendable packaging products are one-way solutions optimized for customer's supply chains with a focus on protection and easy recovery at the final destination.

Expak ExPak XL Pallets Corrugated Boxes

Returnable Packaging

Returnable packaging products are designed to be used for multiple transportation cycles. These returnable solutions can be developed in different materials depending on customer requirements and expectations.

RePak LogPak Pallets Steel products Plastic products

Long-term Packaging

Long-term packaging solutions are designed to protect customers’ products during transportation, storage and handling – for as long as it's needed. 

PlyPak Flightcases Plastic boxes, cases and totes Aluminium boxes Watertight boxes and cases

Inner packaging

Inner packaging products help protect the product from damages in transport and storage. The inner packaging surrounds the product and can be custom designed to protect against a lot of different circumstances. 


Packaging Accessories

The Complete Packaging Solutions that Nefab can provide includes a variety of accessories. Each of which can be combined into a complete solution or we can supply single product types. The main areas of our accessory range are machines to close and seal packaging, filling and systems to monitor product handling during transport and storage.



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