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ExPak – plywood packaging solution

Nefab ExPak is a collapsible plywood packaging solution that takes up minimal storage space and is very easy to assemble. It is a superior high performance solution for product protection, storage as well as transportation. The strong and durable design can be customised in many ways.

Nefab supplies a wide range of plywood crates and boxes to customers worldwide. The patented ExPak solution is designed to offer superior strength, product protection and easy handling. ExPaks are made of plywood sheet material and galvanised steel. Where industrial standards need to be met, standard sizes are available - but our ExPaks can easily be produced in bespoke dimensions or modified versions. All ExPak are collapsible and are delivered flat packed. In addition, the plywood boxes can be certified for dangerous goods shipments and customised for many applications.

The plywood boxes and crates are easy to assemble, have good stacking capability and are suitable for heavy, sensitive and expensive goods. All products are approved under phytosanitary regulations set by the IPPC and a range of locking devices can be provided where necessary.

There are different versions of the ExPak box: Nefab ExPak A, Nefab ExPak P, Nefab ExPak S and Nefab ExPak XL. These boxes can be used for different applications and can be customized according to customer specifications and requirements.  

Benefits of using Nefab plywood boxes:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Are customisable (dimensions, handles, locks, etc)
  • Safe for builders, due to light-weight material and no nails
  • Delivered collapsed so units are easy to stack and store
  • Galvanised steel profiles ensure strength and durability
  • Tab and slot integrated locking system facilitates packing and unpacking
  • Protects against the ravages of difficult transport, long-term storage, and climate changes
  • Ideal for everything from light to heavy, sensitive, and high-value products
  • Hundreds of dangerous goods certified packaging solutions available
  • Meets international phytosanitary regulations for export compliant wood packaging




ExPak A 

Nefab ExPak A consists of only one collapsible piece – bottom, lid and frame are attached to each other, simplifying handling and storage. The ExPak A is suitable for small-medium sized products.

ExPak P

Nefab ExPak P consists of three sections – bottom, lid and foldable frame – and is delivered flat to save space and shipping costs. The ExPak P is suitable for small-medium sized products.


ExPak S

Nefab ExPak S consists of six sections – bottom, lid and four loose sides. This design allows full access from all sides for loading and unloading, offering maximum flexibility in packing. The ExPak S is suitable for large products.

ExPak PS2

Nefab ExPak PS2 consists of four sections – base, lid and two L-shaped sleeves . ExPak PS2 is suitable for medium to large sized products. 


ExPak PS3

Nefab ExPak PS3 consists of four sections – base, lid, front panel and 3 sided sleeves. ExPak PS3 is suitable for medium to large sized products. 

ExPak XL

Nefab ExPak XL consists of six sections – bottom, lid and four loose sides. This design allows full access from all sides for loading and unloading. The ExPak XL is suitable for large products up to 20 cubic meters.