• Lightweight Pallet
  • Lightweight Pallet

Light Weight Pallet

Nefab's LWP is light, strong and climate-resilient as well as flexible both in terms of performance and size. 

Nefab's Light Weight Pallet can save you a lot on all transports where weight plays a major role in the cost. 

Benefits of choosing our lightweight pallet

  • Low moisture absorption
  • Lightweight, perfect for export shipments
  • Plywood deck has a smooth, clean surface
  • Customised sizes are available up to a length of 3.1 m
  • Plywood is not considered a phytosanitary problem according to FAO-IPPC-ISPM 15

Design your own pallet and add on product protection

Nefab LWP is based on an innovate solution that replaces the traditional pallet block. The LWP Can is made out of steel - robust, stable and light. With this as starting point, you can build your own lightweight pallet, customised to the characteristics of your product and the configuration of your logistics chain.

You can subsequently add on the appropriate protection to the LWP Can that you have chosen. The combination that is best for you depends on how fragile your product is and the stresses that it is subject to during transportation. We will help you put together the optimum lightweight pallet - below are a few examples of smart solutions.

Profile plates, corrugated fiberboard box frames and steel-profile covers

The LWP Minican with profile plates, corrugated fiberboard box frames and steel-profile covers. A convenient solution that enables you to use Nefab LWP with corrugated fiberboard box frames and other types of box frames without locking tabs. 

Corner protection on the cover and bottom

The original LWP Can with steel profiles, corrugated fiberboard box frames as well as corner protection on the lid and bottom in order to provide more support. This solution is used with corrugated box frames in cases where more product protection is required than what profile plates provide. The same pallet can also be used for ExPak box frames, thus the solution can be part of a modular system. 

Steel profiles on the cover and bottom

The original LWP Can with Nefab's ExPak concept and steel profiles on the cover and bottom for a strong closure via locking tabs. ExPak box frames instead of corrugated fiberboard is a good choice when more product protection is required.

RePak return concept

The original LWP Can as a RePak return concept. An excellent alternative to EUR-pallets when you want low weight. The solution not only saves weight during the transportation itself, but it also provides better ergonomics for internal handling.