Inner packaging, with ESD and corrosion protection.

By blocking, bracing and cushioning the products, inner packaging along with outer packaging protects the product from transport and storage damages. 

The inner packaging surrounds the product and is designed to protect the product from damages such as scratches, abrasion, corrosion or electro static discharge (ESD).

Nefab has the experience to develop appropriate inner packaging ,utilising wide range of materials available to us via our global sourcing channels.

Please find below a selection of the most common inner packaging materials. 

Blocking & Filling

Nefab UK offers a wide range of materials suitable for blocking and filling. Materials such as honeycomb, corrugated, foam, bubble wrap, Paper Pad and Air Pad are widely supplied by Nefab UK for blocking and filling purposes.

The purpose of blocking materials is to immobilize the product and assure the right protection. The purpose of void-filling materials is to completely fill the empty spaces around the packed product. 


Nefab UK offers many foam materials and various solutions such as moulded foam, fabricated foam, foam-in-place, and foam profiles.

Foam cushioning is used to protect against shock and vibration. There are numerous different options to protect the goods and the final solution will be dependent on factors such as: product fragility, product weight, shipping and handling conditions, batch size and more. 

Click here for information on Cushioning.


Nefab UK has ESD expertise and a complete range of shielding, conductive, insulating and dissipative products to design solutions that offer the required protection for use either inside or outside an electrostatic protected area (EPA).

Inner fittings

Inner fittings are mainly used as separators or shelves. They are also used to ease the packing process or to optimize space within the box or container.

Inner fittings are made of materials such as foam, corrugated cardboard, steel, plastic, rubber, wood or plywood. 

Corrosion protection

 To provide protection from climatic stress,a packaging solution needs to be designed with consideration for relevant climate zones, transport modes and type of storage.

Nefab UK offers many corrosion protection solutions such as: barriers (PE, PET and aluminum), desiccants (silica gel, clay), and corrosion inhibitors (VCI products and emitters) 


FiberFlute is a fiber-based packaging solution that provides outstanding cushioning performance for a wide range of products. FiberFlute is an eco-friendly alternative to foam and is 100% paper-recyclable.