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Packaging Accessories, Products | Nefab UK

The Complete Packaging Solutions that Nefab can provide includes a variety of accessories. Each of which can be combined into a complete solution or we can supply single product types. The main areas of our accessory range are machines to close and seal packaging, filling and systems to monitor product handling during transport and storage.

With more than 50 years in the industry Nefabs experience means it has a unique competence pool that our customs can take advantage of.


Nefab delivers indicators to various industries and the wide product range makes it possible to find the most suitable solution for each customer.

Using indicators that instantly react on rough handling or environmental circumstances considerably reduces mishandling just because "people are made aware!". Indicating labels are supplied with each delivery of our indicators and attached to the outside of the shipment

Packaging Tools & Machines

As a global partner, Nefab provides a full range of packaging solutions including expendable packaging, returnable packaging, inner packaging and accessories. In many cases, a tool or machine is needed to complete the packaging solution. Nefab provides all items needed to ensure that the packing operation runs as smoothly as possible.   



Paper Dunnage Bags

The versatile paper dunnage bags we supply are available in a variety of strengths and sizes. By varying the layers of kraft paper and polyethylene used in manufacture the durability of the bags can be adjusted to your needs. Paper dunnage bags are suitable for transit using road, sea or rail and can be reused depending on the valve system.  

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Stretch Film

Product shipments will have protection from damage since packages are kept together and no dust or dirt will get in. With experience and knowledge after many years in the packaging industry, Nefab has the expertise to find the best solution for each application.   

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Tapes, Labels and Straps

Adhesive tapes are used for sealing corrugated boxes and other packaging. Nefab can provide tapes in different materials such as paper, plastics or fabric in a wide range of width and thicknesses. This gives the best solution depending on application and area of usage.  

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