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Returnable pallets

Returnable pallets are frequently used all over the world and Nefab offers a wide range made from plastic, steel, plywood and wood. Steel pallets are the strongest for load carriers and can be custom designed. Nefab's plastic pallet solutions are environmentally friendly and very sturdy.

Nefab's plywood pallets are excellent for light-medium weight goods; they have low weight and high strength. The wooden pallet is a low cost product with many design possibilities.

Nefab's returnable pallets include:

Steel pallets

Steel pallets are the strongest alternative for load carriers. They can be custom-designed to fit individual loads and handling requirements. Both painted and galvanized surface treatments are available. The main advantages of steel pallets are that they are customizable, strong, easy to handle and can be painted and galvanized. 


Plywood pallets

The plywood pallets are an excellent load carrier for light-medium weight goods that need a strong and durable packaging solution. The plywood deck has a smooth, clean surface and low moisture absorption. Another major advantage is the low weight yet high strength. Nefab's lightweight plywood pallet can be reused several times. The main advantages of plywood pallets are their low moisture absorption, light weight and smooth surface. 


Wooden pallets

The wooden pallet is a low-cost product that can be designed in many different ways. This pallet is suitable for heavy products where a strong and solid unit is needed. Nefab can provide block pallets as well as stringer pallets. Nefab's wooden material conforms to phytosanitary regulations and can therefore be used and shipped worldwide. The main advantages of using a wooden pallet are that they are strong, durable and suitable for storage in racks. They also meet international regulations. 


Plastic pallets

Nefab offers different types of plastic pallets, which is a stable and secure packaging solution for several kinds of applications. Plastic pallets are easy to wash, they conform to phytosanitary regulations and they are resistant to acids, oils and solvents.