Skids for Heavy Duty Products

Nefab has a long, successful track record of designing heavy duty packaging that delivers expensive, delicate and heavy equipment on time and in excellent condition.

Skids Handle Extreme Loads

If your products surpass a weight of tens of tons (or even hundreds), it is necessary to consider using heavy duty skids for transport. We have an unsurpassed capability in the design and fabrication or heavy-duty skids for very large, heavy items that cannot be transported otherwise. We are experts in skidding for ocean transport as well, where a payload can be exposed to forces along six axles of movement and the shifting of such massive loads can easily spell disaster. With our knowledge of these complex forces at play, combined with our experience working with timbers, steel beams and other structural materials, we can assure safe, secure transit for your highly valued products.

Skids Handle Extreme Loads


We have the knowledge and experience built up from years of designing and manufacturing skids for large items, often in conjunction with other services, like vacuum packing, containerization, on-site packing and open slat crating. Some examples of equipment that we skid for are oilfield pumps, turbine rotors and nuclear power generators – which can range anywhere from 50 to 250 tons!


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Nefab offers engineered solutions. We provide all the components required to create your complete packaging solution. The final solution is different for each and every customer, but the end result is always the same – an optimized packaging solution that reduces total cost and environmental impact

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