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The healthcare equipment market is characterized by long supply chains and highly sensitive products. Nefab's global presence and multi-material competence enable us to offer advanced product protection and international coordination. 

Nefab has extensive experience in packaging development for the medical technology industry. The packaging must not only protect high-value products, but it must also meet rigorous health and safety regulations. As customers' product development and production often take place in different parts of the world, it is a basic requirement that the same packaging solutions are available at different locations and continents at the same time. We have unique expertise in the analysis of supply chains in the medical equipment industry. Everything is considered: incoming and outgoing flows of both components and finished products. The result is a complete packaging solution that helps reduce your overall costs.


Packaging solution for tomography

A computer tomography scanner, or CT scanner, is a very valuable product that costs millions of dollars. A CT scanning device is extremely sensitive to shock and vibration and it is also difficult to manage, both when it comes to weight and size - it weighs two tonnes. When the client turned to Nefab, they were facing a tough challenge. Manufacturing had earlier been located in China, with distribution to hospitals around the world. A typical transport cycle consisted of road transport to the Chinese customs with loading for air or maritime transport on to the customs of the host country. On arrival the CT scanner would be sent to the customer's central warehouse by truck, for onward transport to the hospital that ordered it. Transshipment points were numerous, and the number of machines that arrived damaged was troublesome. Nefab therefore got a contract to develop a new packaging solution. 

"The total packaging cost was reduced by 55%. Also, the environmental objective was met by a wide margin as the customer's packaging carbon footprint was reduced by 30%."
- says Rui Garrido Executive Vice President, Industry

This product is an example of a packaging solution designed and developed by Nefab.


Reduced shipping damage was the customer's main focus, but Nefab's total cost analysis showed that there were significant savings to be made in other areas as well. With a new packaging design based on Nefab ExPak XL and an inner packaging with cushioning (and ski-mates) both weight and material use could be reduced. Nefab's clever design also reduced the costs of handling and assembly. A combined analysis showed a reduction in damage by 100%, reduced transport costs by 50%, reduced packaging costs by 22% and reduced management costs by 50%. The total cost savings with the new packaging solution was thus 55%. But most important is of course that the CT scanners will arrive at the hospitals in an undamaged condition.


Prior to the packing audit the client expressed a desire to reduce environmental impact. The new packaging could to some extent also be designed as returnable packaging. In total, this reduced the carbon footprint of the packaging by 30% - a decrease primarily due to the lower transportations costs and environmental impact in connection with the production of the packaging.

Focus Areas


Nefab's customers operate in two areas: Imaging Systems, Medical Diagnostics and Patient Monitoring Systems. The first area consists of equipment such as X-ray machines, Computed Tomography (CT) scans, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans, Nuclear Medicine Imaging equipment, Mammography scans and Ultrasound monitors. The areas Medical Diagnostics and Patient Monitoring Systems refers to products such as Cardiology and Radiology Systems but also to care ports and patient monitors. These are all very valuable products and sensitive electronics, which places high demands on product protection. The field exclusively contains high-value products and sensitive electronics, placing high demands on product protection. Formats are generally large and since the products are often assembled and put into operation while still in their protective transport containers, the packaging must be made to fit into elevators and through doorways until it reaches the treatment room. 


Nefab's global platform provides global coordination and support at the local level, adapted for flows within the medical technology industry.

  • In-depth knowledge of the medical device industry
  • Optimal product protection and reduced shipping damage
  • Environment optimization
  • Reduced overall costs