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Industrial production has much in common, but every product has its specific requirements in a logistics flow. Nefab is an experienced developer and supplier of packaging solutions for both light and heavy manufacturers.

Nefab has a long tradition of delivering packaging solutions to exporting industries, and is today one of the leading players in the field. The large variation in the product range means that Nefab's multi-material expertise and wide variety of products and services really come into play. Our complete packaging solutions are based on cost-efficiency combined with optimal protection and availability. The combination of our global and local presence makes Nefab a valued partner for many of the world's leading industrial companies.


Packaging standardization

More than three thousand packaging articles in different materials resulted in high packaging and transportation costs for one of Nefab's customers. The customer turned to Nefab for a total cost analysis. The client, who operates in heavy automation, had frequent shipments for which each item of wooden packaging was made by hand, which was time consuming. This meant heavy packages, expensive shipping and packages that were difficult to handle at the end destination. The efficiency and product protection were also affected by the fact that each employee had to decide what type of packaging and size to use. 

"It was possible to reduce the number of packaging articles from more than three thousand to about three hundred standard articles. This has reduced the customer's packaging costs by 25%."
- says Rui Garrido, Executive Vice President, Industry.

This product is an example of a packaging solution designed and developed by Nefab.

Focus Areas


The industrial segment is Nefab's largest business segment and includes packaging solutions for products in all sizes and weight classes for a number of leading manufacturers, including steel and automation products and appliances. The majority of customers have a presence all over the world and place high demands on packaging, design, testing and validation.


Nefab's global platform provides customers worldwide with global coordination as well as local support.

  • Optimal product protection
  • Multi-material engineering
  • Storage and delivery solutions just in time
  • Brand-building packaging
  • Reduced costs for packaging, shipping, handling and administration