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WorldStar Packaging Contest 2023

This week Nefab received two awards at the WorldStar Packaging Contest 2023. Both solutions help customers save environmental and financial resources in supply chains - and both are available globally.

The first award recognizes FiberFlute as a smart and sustainable packaging material to replace PE and other foams in various industry segments such as Electronics, Advanced Technologies, and others. The second award recognizes Nefab’s fiber-based solution for one-way shipments in the Lithium-ion Batteries (LiB) segment.  

“At Nefab, we save resources in our customers' supply chains by developing innovative and sustainable packaging and logistics solutions. Receiving these awards confirms our value proposition while contributing to our customers, society, and the environment.” – says Per Öhagen, CEO of Nefab. 

Learn more about the awarded projects below. 

Award #1: FiberFlute

Award information 

  • Official award publication: WorldStar Winners - Packaging Materials and Components
  • Winner in the “Packaging materials and components” category: Nefab’s FiberFlute application for the Electronics and Advanced Technology segments, with a focus on smart and sustainable packaging materials.  


Committed to contributing to a more sustainable world, Nefab’s customers in the Electronics and Advanced Technology segments decided to replace polyethylene (PE) foam with FiberFlute to protect their products in a proper and sustainable way. This solution is customizable for other industries and is available worldwide. Contact us to learn more! 

The benefits of FiberFlute 

PE foam inserts can be successfully replaced with FiberFlute which is 100 % fiber-based and can be recycled together with paper. The source material is FSC certified and Nefab is supplying it globally. FiberFlute also provides an outstanding protection performance, absorbing more shock with less material compared to PE foam. 

FiberFlute is highly efficient for storage and transport because its nestable shape serves as a smart space saver. This result is reduced CO2 emissions and costs in inbound transport and warehousing.  

FiberFlute is 100% fiber-based and easily recyclable in the paper stream. This contributes to less waste and landfill. As a material, FiberFlute also contributes to reduced CO2 emissions compared to PE foam. 

“The feeling of winning is great, but the best part is being in this amazing Nefab team who I can share the success with. Skillful people around the world creating winning teams; that’s what we do every day at Nefab!” – says Eszter Vér, Engineering Center Manager, Nefab Hungary. 

Did you know? 

Award #2: Paper-based solution for one-way flows 

Award information 


This is a straw-based packaging solution for one-way shipments of Lithium-ion Batteries (LiBs). The solution reduces the environmental impact of the packaging and the overall supply chain costs. It is also compliant with UN regulations for dangerous goods transportation. The same concept can be used for other heavy products that need to be shipped in challenging supply chains. 

The benefits of paper-based collars for one-way shipments 

Based on Nefab’s EdgePak Straw design, this is a unique solution made of straw and other fiber-based materials for LiBs.  

  • It is an all-fiber-based solution, which makes it sustainable and easy to recycle. 
  • The combination of straw corners, corrugated sleeves, and paper pulp fitments makes 1+3 stacking possible with over 350 kg per box (Source: GreenCALC). 
  • It’s UN certified to meet demands for transporting LiBs. 

Traditionally, straw is burnt producing CO2 emissions. In this solution, straw is used as a raw material in the manufacturing of strawboard. This improves the health of the local environment due to reduced CO2 emissions, rather than being burnt in the fields.  

To reduce the recycling cost and environmental impact for our Lithium-Ion Batteries customer, Nefab designed a customized fiber-based packaging solution. Compared to the previous packaging solution, 8,5 kg of EPP fitments could be removed. The recycling costs were reduced and environmental savings reached 10% through this supply chain. This corresponds to 1 966 metric CO2 emission tons - meaning 417 passenger vehicles driven for one year (Source: GreenCALC). 

“For us, it’s a great recognition to get two WorldStar awards, one for a newly introduced sustainable material and one for a packaging solution. Both are fiber-based and help to reduce CO2 emissions by replacing non-sustainable plastic alternatives” – says Johan Tegell, Product Manager of Fiber-based Solutions, Nefab Group. 

Did you know? 


We save resources in supply chains, for a better tomorrow. 

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